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Discussion in 'Gear' started by Tennessy XO, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. TBaker34

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    So this is the place to ask then. I have an iPhone and I love it. Getting married and my future wife has us cellular and loves it and wants me to come over there(I have Verizon). Us cell doesn't have the iPhone

    So the question is. Galaxy S3 or iPhone??
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  3. Titaneers

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    Biased opinion? Galaxy S3 by far.... unbiased? welll...... that's a tough call... you'll have to relearn a few things... some people dont like that... but then again there are other people who loves a new challenge and end up liking Android a lot better because of the freedom that Android gives..
  4. TBaker34

    TBaker34 Starter

    I had the original droid before the iPhone. And I have my iPhone jail broken so it opens it up a lot. But it makes it extremely slow at the same time
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