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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Puck, Dec 22, 2006.

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  1. 10ECTyrant

    10ECTyrant What!

    I dont like moss but for like a 3rd round pick i would take a chance.
  2. TNThunder

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    Jeff Fisher show, about a month ago when Moss came out and said he is not producing because he is not happy.
  3. GLinks

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    I'd give a 4th for him or Porter. Shouldn't give a day one pick for disgruntled players, ergo McNair. But for either, I think I'd mix up the corps a bit.
  4. Gut

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    In draft pick trades, our 1st rnd pick NEXT year is worth a 2nd rnd pick THIS year. So we could trade our first 2 picks next year for a high 2nd this year, but think of the gamble that would be. What if Vince falls back to earth and our D doesn't improve under Schwartz (no matter what talent we give him) or we're hit with a rash of injuries. You may have just traded away a top 5 pick in rnd's 1 and 2 for a top 15 2nd rnd pick this year. Or let me put it another way. The Giants traded Philip Rivers and a first rnd pick (last year) for Eli Manning. So far that trade has turned into Eli Manning for Rivers and Shawn Merriman. Who got the better end of that deal?

    The bigger question is...WHO is worth making that kind of trade? More often than not, trades invloving next year picks usually end up favoring the team getting next year's pick.

    In theory you have the right idea...we need QUALITY over quantity. But before we do anything else, we need a (new) GM.

  5. Gut

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    My $.02...

    The biggest holes on the team are...

    DC/scheme - Schwartz needs to go. Bring in an above avg DC and this D will vault to no worse than 15-17 range. It's possible this could also improve the play of some people currently in need of upgrading! We've added significant talent to the D this year and gotten similar results....BAD!

    GM - We need a new one. Reese has been too up and down and does not manage the personel as well as he could. The new GM needs to maximize the talent we have and maintain but not at the expense of the future. He also needs to front load as many contracts as possible so we always keep some cap space. It will also require us to trade off a player or two when we start approaching uncomfortable cap situations in order to reduce our cap and get a nice draft pick to keep the talent level high.

    DE - The biggest weakness we have is no pass rush. With the Colts being the powerhouse of our division, we need to be able to shut down Manning. A Dwight Freeney would be the trifecta of improving our pass rush, improving our secondary, and making Peyton cry twice a year!!!

    FS - LT has played decent to above avg in maybe 3 games. He's been subpar in the rest. He needs an upgrade. I see no obvious free agent upgrade and good talent at S in the draft. If Schwartz is here we need to draft someone. If Schwartz isn't here, perhaps Fuller/Lowry might be able to come in...especially if we have a Dwight Freeney cutting down QB's time to drop back and eat a sanwich. Reggie Nelson appears to be the best fit in rnd one.

    OG - Olson has seen better days. The 2 most important things for a young team and a young QB are a strong D and an excellent run game. Getting a stud to replace Olson would go a long way in that department. There are 2 in free agency (Steinbach and Manuwai) and some good guys in the draft (end of rnd 1 or rnd 2/3).

    CB - Hill has been a liability this year. As mentioned, the Colts are the Kings of the hill and we have to knock them off, a top notch CB opposite Pacman would do wonders for this situation. HOWEVER, who the DC is and what scheme is employed is a critical factor in this position. It is not the best way to allocate resources to have 2 highly paid Pro Bowl CB's who are covering only the flat on both sides of the field. If you are gonna play more man coverage where Pac and the new CB would be covering Harrison and Wayne, that is a completely different story!

    In short, best case scenario would be to get a good GM and a new DC (perhaps one of the Ryan boys to become DC/Assistant HC) and then go after Freeney, Clements and Steinbach/Manuwai. Bring back the 46 D (as the Ravens have) and draft a FS in rnd 1 or 2 (if the new DC doesn't think Lowry or Fuller can get the job done). I would also re-sign our key FA's. Depending on how FA went, I'd also consider looking for a new 'franchise' back in rnd 3 or a scatback in rnd 5.

    Potentially our starters would be...

    WR-Jones (til Givens is back)


    As you can see, no holes on the roster and that's with having only spent a huge amount of money in free agency (front loading as much as possible) and our first rnd pick on Nelson. We could very well grab a DE, DT, MLB, CB, WR, OC, OG, or RB in rnds 2-5 with one or 2 of those players potentially challenging for starting positions at OL, WR, DT or MLB.

    This would also leave us with the option of not singing a Clements and taking a CB in rnd 2 of which their will be talent. We also have Finnegan and Hill to also compete for the starting job opposite Pacman so we don't HAVE to get Clements, but I'd like to load up ASAP as long as we are managing our cap well (like front loading so we're helping our future cap, not hurting it).


  6. Wow, that is a great lineup, we should send a copy to reese and fisher...
  7. Puck

    Puck Pro Bowler

    AND Ted Ginn Jr. ........ :grrhee:
  8. Gunny

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    urgh no thanks.
  9. Alex1939

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    Let's say bye to Bennett. And let's sign Kevin Curtis.

    B.Jones is one starter, let Curtis, Wade, Williams, and Roby battle it out for 2 and 3 until Givens gets back. No super-star here, but plenty of talent for Vince to spread it around.

    Ok, that's just what I think for the WR piece of the puzzle. I woulda loved to get Calvin Johnson, but I sort of agree that a top name WR would be underutilized in our system. And I'm against bringing in Porter, Moss, or any other receivers that are gonna cause team chemistry problems. It's tempting, but I hope we don't go for either one.
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