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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by razordaman, Oct 1, 2012.

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    After another beat down I just wonder how our personnel decisions don't lead to several people getting fired. We got millions left in cap and a handful of players on this team are above average. Most of the backups are not only bad their awful and shouldn't be on the field. When is the last time a backup stepped up and did something worth announcing? Why is Hawkins not on the field?? If he sucks and is inactive every week get rid of him and go get a damn linebacker or cb worth a crap. Hass with 2 pick 6s and a fumble rofl is there any doubt this is his last year in the NFL? Collins all over again. Heck put Rusty in..I can just imagine how bad he is.... The titans do not make intelligent personnel decisions ever and it shows..................every Sunday but this year add poor coaching to the mix and its not worth watching on Sunday.....if Tenn can't field a professional football team they need to stop selling tickets........not worth the price of admission
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    semicolon, brah ;)
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    perhaps on your side of the hemisphere.
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    Who is there in FA worth signing?

    linebackers - Na'il Diggs? Joey Porter? :gaah:

    perhaps we should bring back Chris Hope at safety? :hugelaugh:

    The fact is there is no one out there really worth wasting our time on. We have some talent on this team but they are young and their going to need a little time to gel. With that being said, there are some players on this team that need to go. Griffin is at the top of my list, the guy is over paid and doesn't accomplish anything other than perfecting the art of the missed tackle. I believe we will be addressing the safety position in this coming draft/off season, but until then, what you see is what you get.

    I think the front office over the past couple of years has been making great draft choices and are laying down the foundation for a solid team in the years to come.

    We are 4 games into the season, these guys are going to improve and mature. I don't know what you were expecting this season. A first year starting QB, a running back trying to revive his career, a head coach with only 1 year under his belt.... I hope you were not realistically expecting a superbowl run. A wildcard playoff berth would be the highest expectation I could give them.
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    I thought this thread was gonna be about our injured players.

    Speaking of, we haven't even seen our whole offensive or defensive unit on the field yet.

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    So did I.

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    I think just getting Colin back on D and Kenny back on O will help quite a bit. No need to hire new scrubs to replace the current scrubs, at least these scrubs we have now know our playbook (I think).
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