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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewsGrabber, Oct 11, 2008.

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky

    K.C. in Jacksonville writes: Was forced to do the unthinkable this week. Sitting down a healthy Peyton for Kyle ORTON. Bizarro world! Would u do the same with the Colts facing that Ravens D?

    Paul Kuharsky: Here is my thinking: You drafted him in the first or second round -- you've got to start him no matter what. Because the week he finally lights it up, if he's on your bench, that will hurt way more than any of his bad Sundays do.

    Here's the context: I am 1-4 in two leagues, always seem to make the wrong decisions and have never won a league.

    Mike in Philly writes: Texans are facing the Dolphins and their two-time unbeatable Wildcat formation next week. What are the Texans doing to prepare? What kind of personnel/formations can be used to stop it? Which teams were successful against Arkansas last year with McFadden and Felix Jones and why?

    Paul Kuharsky: An excellent question. I assure you the Texans won't be offering me specifics of their countermeasures. But they'll spend a lot of time on it, and it's about time people figured out how to deal with it. It shouldn't be creating chaos the second, third and fourth time it's used. Here's a blog entry on the subject.

    Dustin in Lebanon, TN, writes: Paul- With the Titans current success and dominating defense, does this mean Coach Schwartz will finally get the head coaching job he has always wanted and deserves? Who would be a likely replacement? McGinnis? Enjoy your appearances on The Zone! It doesn't get any better to hear you and Frank swap jabs back and forth.

    Paul Kuharsky: Thanks, Dustin. I expect Schwartz to get a head-coaching job after the season. Jeff Fisher would put McGinnis there and hire a linebacker coach.

    Guy from Round Rock, TX, writes: Paul, Where do the Texans go from here? I can?t stomach much more of this!

    Paul Kuharsky: Nowhere to go but up, right?

    They can beat Miami. But if they don't beat Detroit and Cincy, things are way worse than I thought.

    Josh Cates in Nashville writes: Purple People Eaters ... New York Sack Exchange ... Steel Curtain ... Fearsome Foursome ... "Blue Blockers" for the Titans D ... thoughts?

    Paul Kuharsky: Keep working on it? (Not sure they are nickname-worthy yet, but if you come up with the right one ...)

    Mad Mike in Houston writes: Paul: This is a pretty simple comment. I still cannot believe what I witnessed Sunday at Reliant. This is something that could set the franchise back further than ever before. I think we will find out a lot about this team and this coach, this upcoming Sunday.....MM

    Paul Kuharsky: And Miami is hardly the pushover we might have thought before the season.

    Hang in there. I think the Indianapolis game made Mike a different kind of mad.

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