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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Playmaker, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. ImATitan

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    But Wyatt said he thinks Loggains gets the OC job, and also added he's heard nothing about the Tice interview. We'll see!
  2. CheeseheadTitan

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    If Tice is willing to do this, I could get on board with this. While I am not anti Loggains at this point (do not think that he really had a full opportunity by coming in during the middle of the season), I do think that Tice would be an upgrade.

    One thing is certain (to me anyway)...if we get someone with Tice's style we will be pretty actively looking for a power runner to supplement CJ as well.
  3. Ensconatus

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    I'm pretty sure I saw a twitter post yesterday that we were no longer interviewing Tice
  4. Gunny

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    God I hope no one drafts that knob.
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    Does it matter that Tice's offense as head coach with the vikings was in the top 10, 3 of 4 years in both total and scoring offense? Scott Linehan was his OC back then.

    Does it matter that he has 4 years experience as a HC and what that experience could offer?

    Somebody mentioned Tice as a possible assistant head coach adviser like Mcginnis was in 2011. I'm all for that.

    It doesn't have to be Mike Tice i just want a guy like that who would give us the personality of a tough team like we once had.

    Chris Foerster could be that guy. Mike Solari could be that guy.
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    If the situation between Koetter and Tice in Jacksonville is any indication, he won't be a very effective assistant head coach. Could be overblown as Tice tried to get Koetter on his staff in Chicago, but the consensus was that there was strife between Koetter and Tice as Tice was given too much authority over the offense and he was constantly meddling with Koetter's gameplans.

    I consider his gameplanning unimaginative. We've seen run, run, pass, punt before. They lost Knox. We lost our starting QB for a stretch who was never really healthy after the 1st game, lost almost our entire offensive line, our best WR was never really effective after multiple offseason surgeries, and fired our offensive coordinator midseason. We still ranked ahead of the Bears' offense. This is why many consider his potential lateral move to the Titans coaching staff a big joke, and as such are having some fun with it. While he may be better than what we have, we can still do better. If Tice were to become OC here, I would certainly hope to see offenses like Minnesota had a decade ago, because Tice's run in Chicago only speaks accolades for the offensive line, which he had built the previous two years. The gameplan reeked.

    And I would rather be a smartass. Beats being a dumbarse any day.
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