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    No, he worked off Palmer's stuff. His approach the final few games was "trial by fire" as he put it. Said there wasn't enough time to implement anything different than what was in place.
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    Tice did not play offensive line in the nfl he was a TE and he was also a head coach for 3 seasons.

    Having an o-line coach as OC is a great idea and Tice is the reason the Bears running game improved. The Bears were 9th and 10th in yards per carry the last 2 seasons.

    Tice was statistically a better OC than Mike Martz. Look at the numbers the Bears were average on offense not bad at all.
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    The 2 top goals for our OC should be to improve the running game and improve the production of our TEs. Mike Tice can do that. His schemes would give us a more consistent and physical running game and he can get max production from our TEs. That was one thing the Bears did not have that the titans do. Good TEs.

    A guy who knows TE and o-line play would be the perfect conduit between Munch and Mathews.
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    I can't count the number of post crying for the Titan's to go outside the organization to improve and now that there is a bonifide coach on the table the crying continues. Every team is different and every situation is different. The best coaches were fired from jobs where they failed. This is just another opportunity to get better. I am not a Loggins fan, we need experience not a college for clipboard holders. . .
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    Does he have a son that can play center?
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    With the 10th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft the Tennessee Titans select Brad Wing, punter, from Louisiana State University
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    Is this a discussion or just an attempt to see who can be the biggest smartass? I guess some people who can't do an internet search or have an analytical thought will do nothing but that.

    Mike Tice could be very good for this team. He is the type of guy we need whether it is him or Foerster or Solari that is exactly the type of guys we should be approaching.
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    Just wait til they start arguing some stupid point based on how you worded something.
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    The more I think about it, I prefer Tice to Loggains.
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    Everybody expected big things from the Bear offense because of the addition of Marshall but Johnny Knox who was a damn good receiver and a deep threat never played the whole year because of an injury. Knox had over 50 catches for over 900 yards in 2010 and was on his way to similar numbers last year when he got hurt. They pupped him but he could not make it back.

    Then you have Devon Hester who did almost nothing and the fact they did not have any TEs who could contribute to the passing game.

    Then there's Cutler a career 84 passing rating that analysts still insist is a budding star. Cutler despite that great arm of his has a very modest career average yards per attempt and acts like a 5 year old at times.

    All things considered Tice did not do a bad job for the Bears this year and i credit him for improving that running game.

    The titans have a much deeper group of guys to throw to and with cook back Tice will have some real TEs to work with.