Breaking News Mike Reinfeldt out!

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    Well, Munch said that they are going to exercise the option on Griffin' s contract and keep him around another year. Shouldn't they fire Munch too?
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    When you take your time to build crap all you get is a bigger hunk of s***
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    Whats crap?

    Our QB with 11 starts? our HC who was stuck with 2 coordinators that were so far down on his list its almost a personal joke? Two coordinators that were in way over their head? Horrible safeties. A decimated oline (which half of this board STILL hasnt grasped). A pass rush that barely improved?

    It takes more than 2 years to build a team from scratch, which was what we were basically doing.
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    My take was that Webster was in charge of college evals and the draft while Reinfeldt was in charge of dealing with extensions for current players and free agency. We had a ton of cap room last offseason and what did we do with it... not a whole heck of a lot... Reinfeldt was also responsible for the Locker pick which is looking a little shaky. We now have an unbiased GM without a dog in the hunt as regards to evaluating the QB situation.
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    Huh? You call kicking VY to the curb and replacing Fisher with one of his cronies "blowing it all up and starting from scratch"?
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    at that time it really was.

    We only have a handful of starters still left from that era and most other coaches have changed. Outside of Griffin, the starters still around deserved to stay.
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    Would you call it crap if Munch kept Loggains and Gray? Because if you read his interview with Kuharsky it sure as hell sounds like Gray will be retained. They didn't get into the offense too much but if Loggains and Gray still occupy their current positions opening day that's what I would call the very definition of crap.
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    I call getting a completely different staff, moving on from past players and trying to build a younger team, and drafting a QB high starting from scratch.

    yes... any day of the week Ill call that blowing that up and starting from scratch.

    2010 players that were "names" on our team that are gone.

    Tullock, Hope, Finegan, Babin, Ford, Jones, Collins, Nickey, Scaife, Gage, Brown

    the only people over 30 that survived this "building from scratch) were Witherspoon (benched this season), Hope (benched and gone), Bironas

    Those are names that most Titans fans knew, all gone the following season. I know some of them NEEDED to be gone but still.

    Thats the definition of blowing it up and starting from scratch.
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    We promoted a freaking in-house position coach with no business even sniffing a head coaching job. Then we essentially drafted the white version of VY.

    If you wanna call that a blow up/rebuild... well I guess that's your prerogative. What "fat" from the Fisher era did we WILLINGLY trim when Munch took over?
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    Sorry. But IMO your logic is so, so flawed here. You can't count guys that WILLINGLY left (Tulloch, Finnegan, Babin, etc). And then you have the guys like Hope, Nickey, Gage who had no business even taking up a roster spot anyway. What happened to those guys after we cut them anyway? Oh yeah, nothing. They retired because no other team was dumb enough to sign them.