Mike Munchak and his Offensive Coordinator Choices

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by EdRomeo, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. EdRomeo

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    I've always believed the success or failure of a young QB has as much to do with their circumstances as their own talent.

    I had my doubts about Chris Palmer as the offensive coordinator. He had limited success as an OC in the NFL, he was coming of a stint in the UFL? He wasn't, as far as I know, consider any sort of 'QB guru' or 'offensive genius'.

    Imo my doubts were confirmed by the product he put on the field and the lack of success of the players under his tenure. Their was a shift from running to passing. In the first year of the offense the best player, Chris Johnson, wasn't featured until the last few games of the season. It was thought at the time that CJ was slipping but in retrospect was that the case or was it a combination of a change in philosophy, game plan and decline in the offensive line?

    I think the #1 focus of any franchise is the development of their franchise QB and that begins with the OC.
    Chris Palmer imo was a failure and now I feel like that failure is being repeated with Dowell Loggains.

    Either way I think the Titans missed out an real opportunity to fix a glaring weakness on the time be hiring a better OC but have dropped the ball once again.
    Are Mike Munchak and the GM on the hotseat? And should he be because of his choices at OC?
    Or are they gonna survive by scapegoating the QB?

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  2. TitansWillWin2

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  3. Brew City

    Brew City Case Race Champion

    We didn't really have a chance at good OC's because of the timing of the Fisher firing. We got 2 bottom of the bucket coordinators because all the good ones were gone. What I didn't get was at the time Palmer was known as a QB guru, but the examples they gave were Mark Brunell and Tim Couch. Those are not the examples I was looking for. I realized after the first year that Palmer was trash and would never lead this team or Locker anywhere. Looking forward to next year though with Loggains known as a young up and coming OC and G. Williams pretty much running the D. Can't wait for the season to start.
  4. xpmar9x

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    Munchak is obviously on the hot seat... it's a make [the playoffs] or break year.
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  5. Ghost

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    Some of us actually understand the English language and understand that people some times make mistakes in their typing.

    Please get back in your car and drive away TWW2, no one is pressing charges here.

    Yes, I think its been established that Munch and his staff are on the hot seat. Its either playoffs or their looking for new jobs. I wouldn't even be surprised if they had to win a playoff game to keep their jobs. Last season was an absolute joke, and it all comes back on the coaching staff.

    I was never a fan of Palmer, but have to admit I was shocked when he was canned before Gray. I especially don't like the hiring/promotion of Loggains to OC especially when so much is on the line. I am seriously hoping that the guy surprises all of us this season, but can't really see it happening. Munch will have a hard time placing all of the blame on Jake Locker, especially seeing how it was the entire team last year that played like ****. The offensive line was almost comical to watch and the defense played like trash as well. All of that comes back on the coaching staff not having a team prepared to compete. The only move I like so far with the coaching staff is the hiring of Greg Williams.
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  6. Brew City

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    To add to my earlier statement I think he worked with Eli Manning as well.
  7. xhrr

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    there is no scapegoat this year munch hires who he hires and ultimately he is responsible for the product he puts on the field. If it sucks he will find himself unemployed. Ask Andy Reid what hiring bad coordinators gets you? Thats his call, he therefore is the scapegoat if it fails.

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    Munchak yes, Webster no.

    Ruston Webster is the only guy upstairs worth keeping.

    And welcome back Ed.
  9. Chapparal97

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    Hmmmm........"their" should be "they're". Not pressing charges here either. :p
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  10. CJtheBeast

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    I've got faith in Loggains. I actually think his age may benefit us. He might be more willing to get creative and I honestly don't think he can be worse than Palmer.

    If Munch is willing to put his coaching career on the line for an assistant coach, I'm willing to roll with it. May surprise some of you guys. I may end up looking like an a*s next year. Let's all hope for the former.
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