Mike Evans Anyone??

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by NewHorizans, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. GoT

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    I want that alabummer boy, but on day 2
  2. xhrr

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    Ok lets get down to this Murray McCarron argument.

    McCarron - 6'3 220 4.94

    3 year starter 40 games total with 2 National Championships and has not missed time due to injury in his college career.

    He's a career 66.8 % passer with 9,019 passing yards all time which is a school record and has an insane TD to INT ratio of 77-15. He also added 3 TD's on the ground in his career for 80 total.

    Murray - 6'0 207 DNP in 40 due to ACL injury

    4 year starter with 52 total starts of a possible 54 missing the last 2 due to a serious knee injury.

    A career 62.3 % passer with 13,166 yards an SEC record and 121 passing TD's also an SEC record. He threw 41 INT in 4 years but also added 16 rushing TD in his career for those of you who say he has zero physical ability including a long of 57 yards and he avg. 1.4 yards a carry compared to McCarrons -28 rushing yards. That isn't AJ's game but it's worth mentioning Murray has significantly more mobility.

    I like both QB's and could see them both succeeding but McCarron merely steered the ship to his 2 championships. Was he a big part yes but he wasn't even the majority of the reason they won 2. He does run a pro style offense however which is a big plus and is superb at taking care of the football. Murray has more prolific numbers and also played in a pro style offense where he was asked to do more than McCarron cause of his supporting cast. Especially this season in which he was throwing to 3rd and 4th string WR's and still playing extremely well. Both are durable regardless of Murrays injury which is more of an anomaly it seems looking at his track record. Both seem to be good dudes from all accounts and both have the accuracy and intangibles to make it.

    I'm partial to Murray cause he gutted out a tough season this year with scraps and still managed more passing yards and only two less passing TD's than AJ in two less games. Height aside Murray is the better prospect in my opinion. You can't say Murray isn't Drew Brees he hasn't taken a snap yet that would have been like saying Tom Brady isn't Joe Montana when he came out of school. That is such a well no **** statement. Let him take an NFL snap before we judge his NFL career and not do it prematurely.
  3. RavensShallBurn

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    Lol @ not being credible because I said "we are cursed" in a post that was completely separate to our discussion. Great response.

    I see absolutely no similarities between Murray and Kellen Moore (other than maybe size, but Murray is bigger, faster, and stronger). Moore was in that group of guys like Graham Harrell and Colt Brennan. Those guys played scrubs the majority of the time. Murray did not.

    Murray also managed to throw for 4,000 more yards and 44 more TDs than McCarron... and that was with an inferior team. Before you attack me by stating the obvious - yes, Georgia throws the ball more than Bama. We get it. McCarron got to be a game manager most of his career.

    I'm not guaranteeing anything with Murray. I simply said I think he'd be a great value pick for us in the 4th round. I think you'll have a hard time arguing that he's not a great value pick in the middle of the draft.

    Also, I would be completely fine with McCarron in the 4th too. I'm not definitively stating that Murray is better than McCarron. I couldn't tell you that. It's more of a gut feeling on my end. I think McCarron ends up going in the 2nd round while Murray goes in the 4th. I like the value in the 4th a whole lot better. We'd be able to take our RB (Hyde or Mason) in the 2nd.
  4. GTFO my pancakz

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    McCarron will be horrible in the NFL. He only looks ok on an elite college team and is very hesitant. He is going to get wrecked. Murray's skills have shown up way more than McCarron has in any game. Murray played the same competition on a worse team and looked better. The only way you can defend McCarron in this comparison is if you're wearing homer blinders.
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    McCarron is not a better NFL prospect, jmo, and certainly was not a better college QB. If Murray were 3 inches taller, he'd be the 1st QB taken in the draft without a doubt.
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    RT is letting his homer show.

    He is just jealous that UGA had a better QB than bama
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    the only QB that has a chance of shining next year is Manziel. All the other QB's need a couple years to develop, but can all overtake him within 5 years.

    All depends on what team takes who. If the Texans take Bortles he will have a chance to start day 1 and might have a good rookie season, but I can see Manziel having a RG3 type rookie season before getting injured.

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    People respect RG3's game. Watch and see Manziel do his thing and his entire O-Line hate the guy for making them look stupid. He's not a guy you can rely to play sound football, he's all over the place.
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    Not sure about people respecting his game after he took a huge step backwards this past season. Injury maybe. He has no excuse this season with all the additions but he can ill afford another injury. His antics seem to be wearing thin in DC.

    I think Johnny would bail out his o-line more than not. Hell Big Ben is loved by his o-line and how often does he make them look bad.

    JCBRAVE 2017 Pick'em Champion Tip Jar Donor

    He was hurt, he didn't go backwards.

    As for Big Ben, fair point, but in all fairness, his O-Lines have always SUCKED big time, their opinions dont matter.
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