Mike echols rocks!

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RollTide, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    he threw it away rather than take the hit. :ha:
  2. oilerstruck

    oilerstruck Hall of Fame

    Who is Mike Echols? Did he ever do anything worthy of wearing a Titans uniform?
  3. what is different about the rules in both of the leagues?
  4. Sledge

    Sledge Guest

    well I disagree. 56 CFL players were signed by NFL teams in the winter time, and most are still with the club (well that's a little obvisous as TC hasn't opened yet but it's still good to see)

    And remember that most NFLE players are already with NFL teams and they're on loan to the NFLE. Most CFL players weren't drafted, yet they make it in the NFL after a CFL, sometimes as starters (Former Dolphin OL Mark Dixon is a good example of that)
  5. Sledge

    Sledge Guest

    Well, you know about the NFL rules...

    What stands out with the CFL is two things: 3 downs instead of 4, and the field is 110 yards long (and the end zones are 25-yards deep). In the CFL, the field is also 55 yards wide, much wider than the NFL field.

    Also, in the CFL, you can return a missed FG (a lot of them are returned for TDs in the CFL). You can also score single points (on punts or FGs that are not returned or go out of the end zone)

    We have little differences in penalties too. We have a penalty called "No yards", which means a team could get penalized 5 or 15 depending on the play. These happen on punts. If you're within 5 yards of the kick returner AFTER he catches the ball, you're penalized 5 yards. But if you hit him when (or right before) he gets the ball, meaning you're less than 5 yards from the returned while the ball's in the air, you're penalized 15.

    Offsides in the CFL also don't result in free plays.

    We don't call our penalties the same. A false start is called a timecount violation. Unnecessary roughness is called objectional conduct.

    There's a few more, but you get the idea...
  6. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    alot of those allocated players are not up to snuff anyways. many become nothing. I imagine some might get lucky and end up in the cfl. remember that nfle is a developmental league that specializes in international relations, with the national players and all. half it's mission is to spread Americanized football as well as develop talent. I don't know if a true market will ever materialize. It's hard to imagine 50 years from now. You might find some real standout talent in the nfle, but those are the few that come out and really find a place in the "show" to borrow from baseball talk. (so to speak). Comparing the nfle and cfl is not even apples to oranges. It's more like pear to eggplant.

    The nfl will only take the best talent from the cfl.
    no one leaves the nfl for the cfl.

    being good, without negativity... Williams is a mess.
    That is why he is there.
    I'm a master bs'er.
  7. Michi40

    Michi40 Lost bullet

    For what i´ve seen here with the Dragons

    someone has not been doing half their jobs.
  8. A.D.

    A.D. It's (insert day of week here) & Colts still SUCK Staff

    It's been a while since I've seen a CFL game. Do they still have 12 players on offense vs 11 on defense?
  9. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    perhaps.. but do you agree with that being part of it's purpose?

    btw- css has been running cfl on comcast cable.
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