Microsoft is Looking Good XBOX 720

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Tennessy XO, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. Preditan

    Preditan @Nashurban Staff

    Color....and fun? Get a coloring book. That stuff can stay with Nintendo.

    The only gritty shooter out there is COD. Some of the best games on the PS3 are shooters. Killzone series, Uncharted series, Resistance series. Not to mention Gears of War for the 360.

    The leaked news of the 720 makes me wonder what Sony has going on with the PS4.
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  2. Tennessy XO

    Tennessy XO RESIST

    God of War sequels, Uncharted sequels, rumored Google TV integration


    All console interaction will done with Home, jk. Home is a nightmare
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  3. Ryudo

    Ryudo Farten Up

    Color and fun doesn't mean for kids. Bad assumption. After All Darksiders series or Xenoblade and esp Pandoras Tower or Okami can attest to that. No More Heroes is another. Lolipop chainsaw.

    FPS is the most boring genre to me personally. All people play games to have fun or else you are in the wrong medium
  4. Titanic_Sub

    Titanic_Sub Starter

    Watch out dude, don't talk **** to ryudo, he might mess you up with his wiimote katana.
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  5. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    Personally I do not care for the extras like Netflix, ESPN because I either have them or don't have the bandwidth to deal with them.

    Besides if I want a movie, it's quicker to download it or hire it.

    The only thing I want from PS4/360 is for them to release awesome games that forces the other to be competitive, not one release tonnes of exclusives while the other releases casual crap.
  6. Titans Eternal

    Titans Eternal Got the swagger of a cripple

    wiimote katana vs JCBs chin...

    Who can claim victory?
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  7. Laserjock

    Laserjock South Endzone Rocks! Staff

    I do think they need to focus on the hardware architecture of new systems. I keep thinking that they could make it so that coding games for different platforms is not so unique that developers end up choosing which platform to spend most of their time on. Skyrim was a prime example.

    I could care less if I have some pseudo tablet to control my system. That is gimmicky at best and just another piece of hardware to fail.
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  8. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    Give me a solid lineup of games and some kick a22 graphics for the next consoles and I'll be more than happy. There has been a severe lack of quality games the last two or three years.

    Streaming stuff should be a plus, not the primary selling point of the console. Somewhere along the line the developers lost their way.
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  9. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    I'm a pretty simple guy when it comes to games. I play the sports games and if there is some new big game that comes out I usually get that one also. I do use the netflix from xbox live, I like downloading demos, and we do have a kinect and have some fun with it every once in a while. All I really want is cheaper costs for xbox live and games and I just want an overall improvement in the games.

    Honestly, does anyone possibly see Apple joining the market? Wouldn't it be cool to have your console and phone synced to play music, download apps, social network, etc? If these companies really want to win the market they need to improve the gameplay to PC level and make sure they have all the new features and apps and everything else you can possibly do with a TV. If you only had to have one box for everything and it was simple for everyone to use they would dominate.
  10. 520titan

    520titan Special Teams Standout

    thats not a fair fight..its 2 against one!
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