Michael Roos on Titans drafting Taylor Lewan: We’ll see if I can hold him off

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    Some people scratched their heads when the Titans drafted tackle Taylor Lewan with the 11th overall pick in this month’s draft because the Titans already had Michael Roos at left tackle and they’d recently signed former Ravens right tackle Michael Oher to a four-year deal with $9.5 million in guaranteed money.

    Roos was not one of those taken aback, however. The nine-year veteran said he “knew [adding his potential replacement] was going to happen eventually” and that “we’ll see if I can hold him off” this season. Roos is confident that he’ll be able to do that even though he knows that Lewan’s arrival likely means he’ll be playing elsewhere in 2015 and beyond.

    “I’ve been blocking the blindside for nine years and I’ll do that for one more year,” Roos said, via the Tennessean. “If there’s more, there’s more. If not, I’ll find out whatever else I’m doing. But until I’m told otherwise, I’m here.”

    The Titans could move on from Roos now and save themselves from paying his $6.625 million salary, but that doesn’t make much sense from a football perspective given how well Roos has played over the years. Lewan’s best shot at early playing time will likely come from winning a competition with Oher on the right side. That doesn’t quite fit with the deal they gave Oher, but overpaying a backup is a better short term idea than parting ways with a productive left tackle without getting anything in return.

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    Great attitude by Roos, wouldn't expect any less.
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    Roos has been put in a tough spot and these questions do not help. His response though should be used as a textbook example of how to handle these situations. He did have a good example to follow. After all, he was in Taylor Lewan's shoes once too. And Brad Hopkins treated him with class and respect.

    This attitude I really love :)
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