Michael Roos credits weight plan for good health

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    The Titans offensive line has looked like the walking wounded during training camp.

    Guard Leroy Harris (knee, back), center Kevin Matthews (concussion) and tackle David Stewart (knee) have all missed time with injuries, and center Eugene Amano was lost for the year with a triceps injury.

    Tackle Michael Roos, however, has managed to stay healthy.

    He credits his offseason weight plan.

    “The older I get I am trying to keep my weight down as much as I can. That is one of the hardest things, the older you get you can’t carry around that much weight,’’ said Roos, in his eighth NFL season. “I am trying to be a little lighter and a little leaner if possible.”

    Roos, who’s 6-7, weighed 312 at the start of camp this year. A year ago, he experienced back spasms during camp. Earlier in his playing career, Roos played around 320 pounds.

    “I feel a little better,’’ he said. “Sometimes you might not feel like you are dragging as much. Overall during the course of a long season you are not carrying that weight around and putting the extra weight on your knees.”

    Source: Titans Insider
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