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    I hear you. But somebody has to move off the 53 man roster to make room for a back up QB. Wilson is just a hammy, but he is really the only scenario that doesn't lose us a player- other than Britt.
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    Dude, Rusty is the man! stop hatin on Rusty! Yall just wait...Rusty's taking us to the super bowl.
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    I think teams should be allowed to have 55 instead of 53...

    Teams shouldn't have to make serious roster decisions based on just a couple of injuries. Teams are always struggling with 1 or 2 guys it seems.

    Making the roster 55 instead of 53 won't change that much (cap, salaries, etc...), but it will make it much easier for teams to manage through those rough times. They don't even have to be 'active' on gameday just two more inactive roster spots would help teams a lot..
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    Agreed! And it wouldnt affect the cap if you kept the cap as taking into effect the top 53 players on your roster. Better for everyone!


    PS - I'd send down Stafford before Blidi. Then again, would we entertain the possiblity of trading Britt and/or Wimbley?
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    If it comes down to cutting Preston, move Britt or cut him.

    Its obvious he is gone, get what you can and see if Preston can take advantage of it.
  6. nickmsmith

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    there was one white kid with longish hair that I had never heard of, that was playing special teams against the chargers... why not get rid of him for a few weeks. nobody else would sign him.

    EDIT: Nevermind.. looks like he is our longsnapper. The invisible man on every team until they flub a snap. I'm used to longsnappers being a little fatter than he is.
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    Fry high fives this.
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    good to see him hit hard again! He is more aggressive this year then I have ever seen him in the past few years.
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    Titans safety Michael Griffin said Wednesday that the NFL fined him $21,000 for a helmet-to-helmet hit against a defenseless receiver.

    Griffin went for a high hit against New York Jets receiver Stephen Hill last Sunday, just after Alterraun Verner had intercepted a pass intended for Hill.

    Griffin said he didn’t hit Hill’s helmet or neck, but instead hit Hill in the shoulder. It’s the fourth fine in two seasons for Griffin, who was fined twice for helmet-to-helmet hits last year and once for a horse-collar tackle.

    “I just feel like at the end of the day it’s hard for me to say I got fined,” Griffin said. “Basically it’s fining me for something that (in a replayed picture) didn’t happen.”

    Griffin said he planned to appeal the fine.

    The veteran safety was frustrated because two games ago, he took some criticism for failing to make a high hit on a San Diego tight end. Griffin went low and allowed a big completion over the middle.

    “(Two games ago) I go low and somebody makes a catch over the middle,” Griffin said. “This week I go high … This is the consequences you get for going high.”

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    im starting to like Griffin again, I'm no expert but I just don't see any fire or standout traits in Sensabaugh. We definitely need another impact corner and we DEFINITELY NEED to extend Verner! Griffin gets complacent easily but when Pollard's calling him Michelle he gets more enthusiastic and starts to look a little like the safety from UT that we drafted first round. Griffin is frustrating because he seems that he constantly needs outside motivation when it should always come from within. O yeah extend Pollard as well even if he cant cover.