Mettenburger's QB Metric Data

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    Definitely not! I'm a WVU fan.
  2. nickmsmith

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    I personally believe QBs fall so hard due to the faulty NFL roster system. there is NO reserve system.

    You can always hold onto another LB or CB for a special teams role. There is no role for a young, developing 3rd string QB.

    A lot of people would love to take a few QBs, and let them develop, but they can't. They don't want to have to draft these guys, and have to cut them in favor of OL or defensive depth.

    I am not a fan of how they do things in the NFL. Either you're in college playing, you're in the NFL, a few can play in Canada.. but besides that.. you're out of football.

    There needs to be an expanded practice squad roster to allow for more fringe players. It is flawed to the core. If the Rams had not given Warner that last chance, he may never have been the great he became. There may have been other potentially great players, that the NFL just considered "almost, but not quite good enough."
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    Need a farm system
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    Keep three QBs? I don't see it unless Mett comes in and lights it up. Let's hope that happens but, from what I've seen of Mett in college and the slow start he'll get due to the ACL, the odds are against him.

    Giving up a 7th-round pick isn't that big a deal. At that point, why not take a shot? Little risk. Possible big reward. Total long shot though.

    What makes you think Charlie can't play better than a sixth-round rookie coming off an ACL?
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    I wait until preseason to fully judge Mett.

    He might light it up and pressure Locker.

    He might get cut.

    Never know.
  6. Alex1939

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    Mett will be on the 53 man roster. We will keep 3. Whitehurst is there to teach not play. Tyler might make the roster over check down Charlie
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    I think before its all over with Mettenberger will beat out Locker for the starting job at QB.

    I believe if given a chance Mettenberger is going to surprise a lot of people and Mettenberger would've went 2nd round if not for the injury concerns and off the field stuff.

    Besides Carr its said that Mettenberger has the best accuracy and throws the ball better than any QB in this draft.

    If given a solid chance i think Mettenberger will be the future QB of this team when its all said and done.

    I think Locker will come out blazing and play very well but before its all over with he will get hurt again and that will be his undoing.

    I'd love to keep Locker as a backup if he loses out to Mettenberger but more than likely the team will move on and Locker will be forced to find a new team in 2015.
  8. nickmsmith

    nickmsmith Most poverty RB core.

    I, personally, would be really surprised if they cut him. I bet they would find a way to IR him instead, if it came down to that this season.
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    Agreed. I wouldn't mind it being Locker, Mettenberger, Wilson day 1. Let Whitehurst teach throughout camp and preseason and make him the last cut. I'll rather keep two young QB then a career back-up on the roster.
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    Y'all have lost your mind. Mett went in the sixth because there wasn't a run until the fifth. Also the ACL was a concern.

    The argument he's bad in the sixth should also apply to Murray, McCarron, Logan etc who went in the fifth.

    mett us better than Whitehurst he just isn't familiar with whiz system. If he was there would be no discussion. Locker us gone after this year. No way whiz will advance Whitehurst. mett is whiz's choice. I doubt Whitehurst stays one minute past mett or Wilson demonstrating proficiency.