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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Two Kings, May 12, 2014.

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    I can only put so much stock into those pre-draft ratings. They are based mostly on informed speculation by people in the media. People who are not held accountable to whether they are right or wrong. We actually saw a few guys who were supposed to go on the second day but were not taken at all. Turns out they were not that good to begin with.
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    I get that but usually we don't know why so and so slipped and later we find out he can only throw to his right or something stupid like that. In this case we know exactly why Mett slipped. He suffered a torn ACL and MCL less than a year ago, touched a woman in a bar without her consent, and turned in a diluted sample during the combine process.

    Notice how none of these are questions about the guy's skill set. The only one of these issues that could realistically affect his career is the knee injury and he'd hardly be the first pocket QB to suffer a knee injury and be fine afterwards. This guy is a rare 6th round prospect because usually guys who go this late have serious questions about their on the field skill set sometimes in addition to character/injury concerns. With Mett the major concern is the knee and the guy went through a full pro day in full pads less than 4 months after the injury, pretty ballsy if you ask me.

    Can Mett flame out just like other 6th round picks? Of course. But he also has a skill set you don't often see in today's QBs and rarely ever after the 4th round.
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    It's simple. If Locker stinks or gets hurt, play Mett.. If he doesn't absolutely light it up, draft a Qb 1st round next season.

    No harm done
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