Media Panel to Discuss What's Wrong With Titans

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by A.D., Jan 15, 2006.

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    Ohhhh Gunny. If I weren't saving myself for the sacrificial offering for the sect of Thompsonism, I'd test your little "weekly rhythm" theory.:irked:
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    I think that Mcnair's statement about not practicing during the week was an unfortunate choice of words, during what I am sure was a season that they didn't much enjoy either. I wish he had not said that, but he did. And it's not that much of a bad thing. It's the worst thing that I can remember him saying, and it's pretty tame, don't you think? Ask T.O. ??
    And since then he did an interview agreeing that he needed to practice more with the young guys next year. So why would we, as fans, still hold this against him?
    We are all unhappy with the record this year, and the effort shown in the last few weeks by some of the players. But considering what he had to work with, the changes in the offense, the couple of months (who am I to say that it's only a couple of months) the hurricane and it's after effects had to be a distraction, after all of those factors to throw 2 more (1 or 2) int's than Manning, and to come within a couple hundred yards of his career passing high, he had a pretty good year.
Thread Status:
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