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    I think it's hilarious that we always continuously bash bleacher report and tell members not to post articles from there, yet EVERYONE still does!
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    seems like everyone likes our picks but hits us for not addressing needs
    im fine with that
    drafting BPA over need is better and will solidify a team in the long run
    after last years draft its hard to question the front office

    what will happen at C is still a concern but who knows, well see when the year starts what they are planning to do

    in not too concerened about the DL...adding a promising DT will clog the middle (watching HOU games were becoming sickening) and i still have faith in morgan to step up
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    I think the D-line will be adequate, if not outstanding. Wembley and Morgan should be good DE's, and Casey and Martin should be solid against the run. Martin appeared to me to be a better rusher than people say, and I'm sure Ayers and Brown will rush from the LB spot more than in years past.

    Oline is a concern. Part of the problem last year though was when Britt went down, we had NO threats on the outside. Wright should add a dimension we need, and I hope to see Thompson contribute too.


    I think Sensebaugh will be a good slot or rotational corner this year, and challenge for a starting spot later on.

    Martin will be useful depth if nothing else. He can't tackle worse than Griff. I could see him stealing time from Babs.
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    Same here. I suppose the other side of that coin, though, is that a lot of these writers don't know squat. They look at what one guy wrote and then they mimic it. It's impossible to be experts on all these players. There are just too many of them.

    Time will tell...
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    This got me interested. Looked at grades of past drafts at the time. Guess who got the highest grades in 2006?


    Broncos for getting Cutler, Scheffler, and Marshall. All 3 are no longer with the team

    Saints for getting Reggie Bush, who didn't do much

    Cardinals for getting Leinart, Deuce Lutui, and Leonard Pope. Currently one of the worst teams in the league

    And what's really funny is USA Today's 2007 Draft winners!!

    Arizona ****

    OT Levi Brown plugs a gaping hole for the team that ranked 30th in rushing. DT Alan Branch, widely projected as a first-rounder, may have been a steal with the 33rd pick. LB Buster Davis should also bolster the Cardinals' middle-of-the-road run defense.

    Cleveland ****

    Getting QB Brady Quinn with the 22nd pick could be the heist of this draft. OT Joe Thomas is a rock-solid No. 3 pick, and CB Eric Wright is a great second-round grab, if his character issues don't resurface.

    Oakland ****

    Having passed over Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, Matt Leinart and Jay Cutler, the Raiders finally recognized the importance of a QB, and took mighty-armed JaMarcus Russell. TE Zach Miller was s-l-o-w at the combine but has excellent hands. RB Michael Bush gives them another option in the backfield. Oakland is hoping the acquisition of WR Mike Williams from Detroit eases the loss of Randy Moss.

    Tampa Bay ****

    The defense got the talent infusion it needs, with DE Gaines Adams, second-round DB Sabby Piscitelli and third-round LB Quincy Black. An additional second-round pick added G Arron Sears to a developing O-line.

    Long story short: The excitement on draft day does not equal winning.

    In 2005, SI called the Vikings one of the draft winners with Troy Williamson. They were right with the Cowboys winning, getting Ware. That would be the first time they were correct with a draft "winner" in the ones I looked up.
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    I like Sensebaugh, but SC absolutely throttled Clemson and Connor Shaw ran the ball as many times as he threw it.

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    Since it's tough to know whats going to happen 5 months from now, I don't care much for what the media thinks today. These rookies will all be used differently than in college so what they did then doesn't matter much.

    What counts is these kids can stay healthy and keep improving. If they can't, why are they here.....

    The one thing I know about our rookie class is they'll all be better come September. Not every team can say that about their rookies. Some guys come in close to fully developed and sink or swim based on effort and luck. Most the guys we took all need NFL coaching before they peak. So it is kinda nice to know the players I personally didn't think were right for us, will be better fits come September-October.
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    A lot of people disliked last years draft class and it turned out pretty well. No need to grade a draft class until a year or two down the road. Something very similar to our past two drafts ('11 & '12) is we have picked hard working players. That makes a big difference. Klug/McCarthy/Casey are all great examples of that. People say you don't draft potential .... no one knows how any of these guys are going to turn out. I guarantee you mostly everyone on this forum thought nothing of Klug when we drafted him last year. If I'm taking a player, the one thing I don't wanna question is work ethic. If he has that, the coaches can take care of the rest.

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    Work ethic is what separates NFL players from good athletes.