McNair's Contract Future Uncertain

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    SUMMARY: Indications are that Titans QB Steve McNair wishes to play next season though his contract will need to be reworked. No real progress can be made towards a new contract because a new Collective Bargaining Agreement between players and owners remains unsettled. 2006 is the last year for a salary cap under the current agreement. "We'd like to figure something out sooner rather than later," Reese said. "But some of the issues dealing with the CBA and how we handle money and things like that over the next few years have become issues. There are things that we have never dealt with, so we are kind of trying to fight our way through those things before we sit down and propose a bunch of deals."

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  2. TitanJeff

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    Can someone who is following the CBA issue share what the holdup is? I'd think a number of teams will be in this same situation if an agreement is not reached soon.
  3. Soxcat

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    I assume signing KVB might be difficult as well?
  4. The big issue is that the players want more of the league's revenues to be shared and figured into the salary cap. But that's things like club seating, luxury suite revenues, and local sponsor revenue. The problem is that smaller market teams invariably will make less income in those areas than large market teams, not to mention teams with new stadiums have the edge on teams with old stadiums (without club seats and suites). For that to happen, the big-market teams are going to have to share more of their revenues to keep the small-market teams competitive, but they don't want to.

    I'm sure there are other issues than that, but that's the deal breaker for now.
  5. Nash

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    I believe the players currently get 67% of revenues, and like pro Baseball and Basketball, want 73-74%...
  6. Actually, they only get a percentage of the shared revenues. They may also want a bigger percentage, too, but the big issue is that they get 0% of certain sources of revenue.
  7. TitanJeff

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    So what happens if an agreement isn't reached soon after the end of the season? Will teams be able to do anything in the way of contracts?
  8. fitantitans

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    Do we want to redo McNairs contract? I can see keeping him for one more year until our new QB gets settled in. But anything over a year would be a waste of money.
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  9. If no new CBA is agreed upon before then, 2007 will be an uncapped year. Then there will be a lockout/strike in 2008.

    As for 2006, it won't be completely different, but the cap won't work exactly the way we're used to. For example, teams won't get any extra cap relief by releasing players after June 1. And incentives will all count immediately under the cap. And players won't become 2007 UFAs unless they have been in the league for 6 years.
  10. They will redo his contract if he doesn't retire.
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