McNair Makes His Case for Return

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, May 17, 2006.

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  1. Sukrillux

    Sukrillux Guest

    I don't know, I just can't see Collins as a Titan. If it helps us win without robbing the defense of needed funds, I say do it. I'd much rather have a better defense than Collins though. My 2 cents... :rolleyes:
  2. Why? What has he ever done that's so great?
  3. Banger21

    Banger21 Camp Fodder

    Yea, at this point, I dont see a difference in Collins and Volek. If it comes down to it, we mise well just give Volek the chance hes been waiting for. Hopefully he takes full advantage of it. If Mac is gone, Titans have to use that money to continue the defensive improvement, (long arm of the LAW).
  4. Canadian Titan

    Canadian Titan VY & CJ = New SM & EG

    He took a hit from ROMO and is still alive to talk about it! :brow:
  5. Canadian Titan

    Canadian Titan VY & CJ = New SM & EG

    Volek will get injured down the line, just a matter of when, we need an insurance policy!
  6. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    Start the gecko. :)
  7. fltitan

    fltitan Guest

    If this is really about respect for Steve you have to wonder how he can feel any respect from the Ravens. They are not willing to give up a 4th for a starting qb and Boller has been told he will compete for the starters job even if McNair is there. Reports out of Baltimore are that Boller looks much better this year than at anytime in the past, that he has finally mastered their system and is throwing the ball very well. If Steve is not worth a 4th instead of a 5th to get him there in time to get in shape and learn the system he could be behind from the start. Lets say Boller starts the 1st couple of games because Steve isnt ready and has a couple of wins and is playing great they will not pull him and Steve will be his back up for the year and the rest of his career. If he does a new contract with the Titans hes the starter this year and maybe next so if we can redo the contract give him a little more money than Baltimore I cant understand why he wouldnt stay.
  8. skitch

    skitch Shut Up and Play Ball!

    Sounds like shades of the Eddie George / Cowboys scenario, huh?!?!!
  9. Dangermode

    Dangermode A New Era has Begun


    I think the point is the Cravens believe Mcnair will be released and they wont even have to give up a fifth. If Mcnair IS released however, Might the Baltibirds have some competition to sign him? Any other interested parties needing a veteran at the helm? I'm looking at you Browns, Jets, Bills, Lions and Bucs.

    I'm Dangermode
  10. idk, but we do need to get something out of him
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