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    SUMMARY: After the game, Ravens QB Steve McNair talked about how much the win over the Titans meant to him and commented on Vince Young. "It was a game that meant a lot. I’m not going to sit here and tell you a lie and say, 'no it wasn’t'," said McNair. "Being with the organization for 11 years and having the opportunity to come back and play against them, it was very intriguing. Especially going against Vince (Young), I think he played well today." He had a moment to speak to Young after the game. "I told him this team is leaning on his shoulders. His performance today was great," McNair said. "Regardless of if it is a loss or not, he is going to continue to get better and continue to lead this football team. He is the future of this football team. I feel like with him getting better week in and week out, he is going to have to emerge faster than most people think."

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    Thanks kid, but now you know why I left. Don't have that much time in my career left for the Titans to rebuild.

    Vince did do a nice job though... Go Travis!!!
  3. Titansfan10

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  4. he said something all of us already knew
  5. The Mrs

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    The pitch to Scaife was cool. Scaife said that they made eye contact and just free styled it.
  6. Tungtide

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    Mac was at least complementary of both Vince and the team. He didn't have to have to be. I for one wish him the best- even if he does play for Brian Buttocks.
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    The Texas Connection.
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    no, make that brain buttcheeks!:moon2: :moon2: :ha: but really, steve is a classy guy, and he is every bit right in what he said about vince and the team, stuff that i have already been saying! i know that some things that steve has said in the way that he has come across i have questioned and have been somewhat upset, but steve has, and always will be a class act! just seeing those two on the same field and the same time is priceless for me, win , lose, or draw! my dream came true, just seeing vince and steve on the same field! vince will get better, and once this young team jells, we will be a force to be reckoned with! its shady now, but our time is coming!
  9. wplatham

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    Young looks just like McNair at times. A bigger, faster McNair. Even the potential game-winning drive looked like something out of McNair's golden days. I thought the breakdown CBS did of the two's throwing motions was interesting, too.
  10. i saw the one about how mcnairs was about a wrist above his helmet but youngs was a tad bit below, and it would make them throw it at the same height because young is a bit taller than mcnair is
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