McCourty celebrates baby with interceptions

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    Jason McCourty’s two-interception game against the New York Jets on Monday topped off a hectic but exciting series of days for the Titans cornerback.

    McCourty’s fiancée went into labor at about 5 a.m. Friday morning and later delivered the couple’s first child, Liana Marie.

    Needless to say, McCourty didn’t get too much sleep over the weekend.

    “There have been some long nights,” McCourty said. “I felt kind of bad that I had to leave on Sunday to night to stay in (the team) hotel, but it also felt good to get some good sleep. I know I’ve got a lot of sleepless nights coming up, but I’m so excited.”

    McCourty looked focused on the field, as he intercepted Mark Sanchez once in the second quarter and once in the third.

    “It’s been hectic, but once you get out there on the field on Monday Night Football, everything just clicks,” McCourty said. “This is what you do. This is what you’re used to. This is the environment where you just relax.”

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    Good, he should go be a dad now, and leave us alone.
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