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    Jason McCourty doesn’t want to dress up as Pat Patriot.

    His twin brother, Devin, isn’t excited about putting on T-Rac’s costume.

    But that’s exactly what’s at stake for the NFL brothers in their efforts to raise money and awareness for the fight against sickle cell disease.

    Jason McCourty, cornerback for the Titans, and Devin McCourty, defensive back with the Patriots, have partnered with Embrace Kids Foundation and launched a campaign against sickle cell disease. The campaign is titled “Tackle Sickle Cell.”

    On Sunday, June 9th, the twin brothers are hosting a 5K Run/Walk in Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ as the major fundraising component of the campaign. Several other NFL players will be on hand.

    The brothers have set up their own fund raising team for the 5K to see which brother can raise more money.

    The loser has agreed to fly to the other brother’s home football city and make a public appearance dressed up as his brother’s team mascot. So if Jason McCourty loses, he’ll have fly to Massachusetts and dress up as Pat Patriot, New England’s mascot. Jason McCourty hopes Devin, of course, will end up flying to Tennessee to dress up as T-Rac, the Titans mascot.

    How can you get involved? Visit then on the home page choose between “Join #TeamJ-Mac” or “Join #TeamD-Mac.” Once there, you can either join the team as an active event participant or if you are unable to attend on June 9th you can simply donate to support your favorite McCourty and help ensure they win the bet.

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    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    I hope my donation can help someone else, great cause J-mac!
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