McCarthy out, Britt and Cook questionable

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    I keep picturing him throwing the ball at the defender when he hurt his knee and then you picture Mariani with his leg literally broke into two pieces still clutching the ball like his life depended on it and you see that there just doesn't seem to be a mental toughness with Britt that other teammates feed off of and that you want your team to have. The warrior mentality!
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    I wouldn't say that. You don't return from the 2 injuries he had within a year without having some balls.
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    I hope no one tries to rush back from an injury too soon. Take the time to heal and rehab the right way. This team's future is far more promising and important than it's present anyhow.
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    I'd say a more "ballsy" example would be AP, he blew out his knew late in the season and is already pounding out the tough yards without a hitch while Mr. Glassman can't hardly make it through a game with some sort of ailment. Having balls isn't the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Britt, I wish it was but unfortunately it isn't.
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    What happened to tough football players? Our players and most of the players in the NFL are a bunch of wimps! Their paid all of this money to play the game, and sit out for weeks after breaking a nail! I understand if they break a bone or tear a ligament, but now they get a small sprain and their out for weeks. It seems like now any slight injury and players are looking for an excuse to ride the bench for 6 weeks!
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    What happens to tough football players?? They foolishly keep playing while seriously injured, and seriously shorten their careers. McNair could have possibly had 2 or 3 more seasons if he weren't so much of a masochist in his playing career. Who knows what a longer playing career would have done to change his personal life, and subsequent death. If he stayed busy with football, he may not have been fooling around with the psychotic 19 year old. He may have avoided that due to the public eye being on him. Just speculation, obviously.

    Steve overdid it in his career. He went beyond the level of tough guy, and went into the level of unsafe for your health.

    It sucks that his leaving for the ravens and more importantly his murder put a cloud over my memories of him, but it has.

    That being said....what good is McCarthy if he's always hurt? Answer is: no good. He hasn't done a whole lot to deserve all the praise. "best defensive player on our team" is not a big honor, and I think verner is the only consistent performer on the defense, even with McCarthy healthy.
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    Is this really news? Brittney's entire career has been questionable.
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    Mariano has loads more heart than Britt
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    By the way, I used to just laugh when people called out Eddie for sitting out with turf toe. They would exclaim " it's just a toe"

    All I could do was turn and laugh a d then ask them to try running and pushing off without using ur big toe.

    You can't push off with the same explosion without your big toe