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    Playing a Sunday game followed by a Thursday game isn’t an ideal way for a player to return from injury, but Titans linebacker Colin McCarthy is doing everything he can to be ready for Pittsburgh in two days.

    McCarthy missed a second straight day of practice on Tuesday while resting his ankle, but still is optimistic about playing against the Steelers.

    “Yeah, that’s what I’m shooting for,” McCarthy said. “We’ve still got a day or two left, so I’ll just keep doing treatment on it, and trying to get it where I can get another (game).”

    McCarthy suffered a high-ankle sprain in the season opener against New England. He missed the next three contests before returning last week against Minnesota.

    “It doesn’t feel 100 percent,” McCarthy said. “But I know I just have to deal with the pain. It’s a short turnaround. I just have to try to get it back to where it feels good enough that I can help the team out.”

    It’s been a tough season thus far for McCarthy, who flashed a lot of potential as a playmaker last year.

    “High ankle sprains take a while. It’s just frustrating,” McCarthy said. “Coming into this year and having high expectations , our defense playing as well as we did during the preseason … and now letting up as many points as we are, not doing what we want as a defense, and me personally having to deal with this, is not the way I wanted it to go.”

    Three other players besides McCarthy – Jake Locker (shoulder), Javon Ringer (knee) and Mike Otto (knee) – missed practice on Tuesday. Defensive end Scott Solomon (hamstring) was limited in practice.

    Source: Titans Insider
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