Maybe Not That Big of a Deal....

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    oh ok I didn't get to see any of the game so I thought we tried to smash battle a few times
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    dontdraftcutler We can't be that bad, can we?

    I think we tried one pass but it was reflected right back to Fitz and he tried to run.
  3. 5tweezyPOT

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    I still cant believe we lost....we neeeed to beat san fran. if we don't were in trouble
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    Question is, if we don't make playoffs... will Bud Adams can Munchak? I think there's a good chance of that.

    We need Hunter and Wright to take it to the next level. We need our OL to finally "gel", we spent $60mil on Levitre and the 10th overall on Warmack - both have looked average, at best. Turner is god awful. Chris Johnson can't break a tackle, and makes $10mil.

    I'm still pissed we wasted the 10th pick on a guard, but oh well that's another argument. Without Locker this team is 7-9, with him we have 11-5 potential.
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    I think your 4 year old son should sign up and start posting to raise the average IQ of this board.
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    sad to say, I think you are correct about Adams getting rid of Munch. I am starting to like him as a head coach finally but he needs to fine tune some things with this team. Our OL is really pissing me off and for the money we spent, it should have already.

    Our special teams has spotted 9 points, a td and a safety, we need to go back to basics on punt returns and kickoffs. We are lucky when our punter got sacked we didn't give up points. A lot to work on but I have faith in Munch to make adjustments.
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    Sadly opposing defensive coaches love it.

    Every player on the roster must be aware of our run blocking issues. We could be 5-0 but we could also be 1-4. At this point its all coaching to fix it.

    Play calling is surely the easiest way to make change. Focus will have been on Fitzpatrick last week but our success came on improvised plays. That's a dismal reflection on Logains and a big concern.

    Turner is bad enough that I don't see any downside to benching him for Schwenke. I'm not ready to write Stewart off yet but he's unable to practice between games due to his injuries. That's not good, he needs time to heal up. Give Stingily the next two games.

    The odds are against us for the next 2 games so what can you do? I say f'kit and make some changes. Waiting until after the bye week is too predictable.
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    Really... Munch is on the chopping block after having us looking like we're competitive again?

    That would ultimately be the dumbest possible thing. Ever.

    I'm not a huge Munch fan, but jesus... you don't dump your HC when he has you being competitive with top teams in the NFL.

    Bruce Matthews needs to go.
    Turner needs to go.
    Britt needs his role greatly reduced until he gets his head out of his azz.
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    You would like that wouldn't you... Might make you look a little brighter if we start getting 4 year olds on here.