Maybe Keeping Hasselbeck over Fitzpatrick Was A Wiser Move?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Bryan Randal, Oct 11, 2013.

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    Just wanted some feedback regarding this topic. Hasselbeck knew the system here in Nashville very, very well. He posted one of his best seasons as a Pro in 2011. Last year was a disaster for every coach and player, but he did step in and climb the Titans to a 3-4 record, beating Pittsburgh and Buffalo both very close games. I always liked his play for the short period of time he was in a Titan uniform, but do agree that his salary this year didn't warrant his role as our backup and he didn't bring the Titans all the way back last year after stepping into the starting lineup.

    However, I think it would've been wiser to keep him instead of our current situation with Fitzpatrick, who showed how foreign he still is lost in translation on the field last Sunday. It looked as though he was having a good Pre Season, but really think that with Hasselbeck under center, would've gave us a better chance during this brutal three game stretch and more than likely beat Kansas City.
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    Neither one are Brandon Weeden.
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    Hasselbeck showed last yr his talents are diminishing quickly.. Fitz had a dreadful first half but really played well I thought in the 2nd half and made more than enough plays for us to win
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    KB catches that 3rd down pass RF is a good QB
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    Threads like this make me want us to go back to the it sucks option.

    Hasselbeck is old!

    It's an 8 year age difference!

    And why would a Harvard guy who has been with the team since March not know the system? Yes he might be a big rusty for a half and was but that is it. We made our decision and this is now our guy and we will sink or swim with him.
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    Hasselbeck never played in this new system, Chris Palmer and his ugly west coast/ IDK WTF system was not like Loggains.
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    Fitz is the reason the game was close. We lost because of Reynaud and no running game.

    Fitz's INTs came off a tipped pass and a take-away from Nate - but we shouldn't have been in that position anyway.
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    To be fair to Hass, he played well early when he first started even with Palmer's crappy O. Matt and Kenny were showing some really good chemistry as well. Then as usual, Kenny got injured.

    After Ken went down, teams really started to figure out his game as he wasn't the same. Although, I could pin that on Palmer's scheme seemingly as much as I could pin that on Matt. Also, our interior O-line was abysmal in pass protection and Matt isn't exactly flight of foot.

    Not to mention when Matt was playing, we didn't have any D. With the way our D is playing, I would think Matt (as more a game manager) would be even better for us.

    After one game with Fitz, I'm not ready to say I'd take Matt over him, I'll give him maybe another game or two before i pass judgement. But people forget that when Matt had Britt even w/ Palmer calling the shots, as well as no D and no run game, he was still able to look pretty darn good....
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    This thread is all in hindsight as we already moved on so this shouldn't be coming up again. Hass was getting up there in age and I am glad we moved on from him. Fitz isn't the best by any means but at least we saw he can be somewhat mobile last week and run.
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