Matthews Bails on Saints

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  1. Scarecrow

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    No you don’t.

    Most places in the US are right to work states, you can be let go for anything.

    Matter of fact, it’s often smart to not even give notice of leaving until the last minute.

    If the Saints planned to cut him, how much notice do you think they’d have given him?
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    See I don’t view it like this, this is a job, and a dangerous one.

    RM has been around long enough to have been affected by some of the lies the NFL has spread. I mean yea sure, team and all, but let’s step aside from the “fan” aspect and all and just agree that of there wasn’t hundreds of thousands of dollars involved in this game that not a single one of these guys would be playing this game. If you feel your health and safety are at risk, leave. I feel it’s a bit immature to say he “quit” a team when the majority of the team would leave at a moments notice with the right amount of $.

    The “quit the team” thing is very nostalgic of times long gone, imo.
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    No prize for dying with a lot of money

  4. Alzarius

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    I dont think it was about his health or risks. I think its him deflecting from not being given a spot and another team expecting him to bust his ass and earn the spot.

    More below

    You feel its immature to say he quit.

    I feel it's just as immature to quit and place blame elsewhere.

    Whether or not the team would leave at a moments notice for $ isnt the same topic but I agree with the point you are trying to make, in general.

    However, let's look at the facts that we know

    He had 650ish yards with Miami in his last season. Miami traded for Stills, signed Greg Jennings, then drafted Parker.

    The following week after Parker, he stopped attending camp and wants out of Miami.

    He came to TN and played well. He gets injured. We get a new coach that says everyone has to earn their spots. A bit after giving him an extension, hes not getting the reps he thinks he should be getting then wants to trade out of TN. The guy missed all of camp and was in a new system.

    He even complained on social media about his targets.

    A quote from him in an interview: (cant find his whining on Twitter)

    “I’ve been the leading receiver for two years,” Matthews continued. “Then all of a sudden I’m barely playing and not even starting. Using my injury as the scapegoat. Look at number of snaps and targets.”

    Does that sound like a man worried about his health or how NFL treats players?

    It doesnt to me.

    Even when he quit on the saints, he just walked out. He didnt go up to and tell any players or the coaches. The man just walks out. Even the coach made the comment "it's not for everyone"

    Theres an established pattern with the guy. People can disagree and ignore it and thats their choice but you dont have to look hard to see that pattern. I'm basing my opinion on his actions and words. I'm not pulling this out of nowhere as if ifs speculation.

    Now all of a sudden its about his sad little tweet? I dont agree with that and I saw the tweet as more finger pointing at others and less awareness of his own actions. More deflection and excuse making because things didnt go the way he wanted them to go.

    He earned the quitter tag imo.

    I do wish him the best and hope him and his family live happily ever after but that doesnt mean he left because of the stuff he said in his tweet. In fact, his history and his own words paint a different picture
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    thats a fair argument, and I’m not sure I disagree with it
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    Agree with this. He is simply a malcontent that conducts his business in an unprofessional and immature manner.
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    Which is very illegal. I don’t know anyone who is well connected enough to their competition that they are going to call around saying don’t hire this guy, when he knows that he likely just left for that competition. Seriously? That’s absurd.

    You are the only one talking about not giving notice. I said wait until the latest you can.

    RM doesn’t/didn’t have a typical job. He walked out first week of the preseason. He didn’t leave them high and dry, I feel like most of this is sour feelings left over from last year. Again, he didn’t owe them anything. The Saints wouldn’t have given him that benefit. You yourself even said “if they afforded it to you”.
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    That's the truth! Got to enjoy life while you're alive
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