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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by thnom, Jul 13, 2007.

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    On the current ESPN chat I decided to ask Mosley what he thought about the Titans D-Line and my message go through.. here it is:

    Thnom (England): How do you see the Titans d-line doing? Do you think the likes of Odom and LaBoy will put up enough pressure to allow Kyle Vanden Bosch to do his stuff again? Jacob Ford on the NFL site said he was comparable to Jerome Mathis - do you think he can have the same impact? (I meant the scouts report of Jacob Ford)

    Matt Mosley: (4:16 PM ET ) I finally got to see Vanden Bosch play in person last year, and he's pretty impressive. I know the Titans are really expecting a lot from LaBoy. I haven't seen enough from him to know, but some people in the organization told me he could easily have eight sacks. That seemed a bit high to me. I don't think it's a great line, but they have some talent.

    People within the Titans organisation think that? I'm hopeful but I think more of Odom - but if Odom can stay healthy and LaBoy is used how we planned to initially; LaBoy could be used as just a pure pass rusher and maybe get that high? Even if he gets 4 sacks but plenty of QB pressures, it could free up KVB.
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    Thats the main issue especially with Pac gone. The D-line already needed to get more pressure on the Qb but with Pac out they really have to step it up. We can't replace Pac but we can make it easier for the guys in his place if we get enough pressure. We either need someone to step up big time or have the same thing that happened last year, sign a few obscure free agents and they overachieve.
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