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    Thought it might be interesting to take a look back at just how well Matt Hasselbeck quarterbacked the Titans now that 2011 is in the books. I've done this twice with Chris Johnson and every time it gets lost in space, hopefully this sticks so we can refer to it as needed.

    Week-2 win vs the Ravens. 30/42 passing for 358-yards a TD, INT.

    Week-3 win vs the Broncos. 27/36 passing for 311-yards 2 TD's, 2 sacks for -16-yards and a fumble.

    Week-5 loss to the Steelers. 29/49 passing for 262-yards a TD, INT, 3 sacks for -22-yards.

    Week-7 loss to the Texans. 14/30 passing for 104-yards TD, 2 INT's, and a sack for -12-yards.

    Week-9 loss to the Bengals. 24/41 passing for 272-yards 2 TD's, 2 sacks for -22-yards.

    *Week-11 loss to the Falcons. 13/25 passing for 124-yards and a INT

    *Week-14 loss to the Saints. 5/7 passing for 44-yards.

    Week-17 win vs the Texans. 22/35 passing for 297-yards 2 TD's, and 3 sacks for -22-yards.

    That's a total of 8 games where we faced an opponent with a winning record, and in those 8 games Hasselbeck went 3-5 with a passer rating of 85.

    * Jake Locker finished the game

  2. Titans Eternal

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    I think Hasslebeck is the bees knees. I'll be fine with him starting next season, as long as the position stays up for grabs. I really, really hope Locker turns out to be a good pick. He did well coming into games last season, but that last play of the game where he just took a sack instead of throwing it irked me.

    I am happily looking forward to see what happens w/ our QB spot.
  3. Alex1939

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    Locker has to win the job over Hasselbeck. I'm fine with whoever does better in camp and preseason.
  4. Big Time Titan

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    I like Hasselbeck but I don't think he played well enough to finish the second half of the season and he does not deserve to be handed the starting job coming into this season. I think Jake has been patient enough and progressed enough to be given an honest shot at earning the job.

    I think our offense is ready to roll with Jake under center.
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    It was a rookie mistake he turned into a learning experience. I bet that wont happen in 2012.
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    I feel like locker will beat Matty out for the stating spot in training camp and preseason, I love how more expolsive our offense seems to be when Locker comes into the came. Of course I'll be happy with either as the starter, I think matt can still do better than he did last year as well

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    If Hasselbeck has Kenny Britt, I think he can be deadly, but with the guys he had most the year, he was just good enough not to get canned.
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    Honestly, that play was so busted that I really don't blame him for not being able to throw the ball. Everywhere he looked, the receiver was on the ground. I think he did a pretty good job of trying to find something, there literally was nothing there. Sure, he could have just chucked it up right before the sack but I really don't think there was any chance of that being completed.
  9. CRUDS

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    Hasselbeck will make a great Backup QB.
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  10. RavensShallBurn

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    Mariani and Williams were tackled, and the refs were too blind to see. He had nowhere to throw either way.

    That was just the wrong play call. The first play (slant and throw to Mariani) was the right call... and we should've been able to run that play (or one very similar to it) at least two more times, if not three.
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