Matt Flynn anyone?

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    Beats me man. And people are being extra unreasonable because for some reason those 6 good quarters against the Chargers and Jets have convinced a lot of fans that Locker was elite or something. So they're comparing Fitz to that image of Locker that's been built up in their minds.

    Bottom line is no one knows how a healthy Jake would've played yesterday. He can be wildly inaccurate himself. He's had a few passes that SHOULD'VE been picked off this season. And he had yet to play a pass defense as tough as the Chiefs. Everyone wants to think he would've gone 3TD/0INT but I highly doubt that would've been the case. Especially not with the way the rest of the offense was playing yesterday.

    And again, if Kenny catches that TD pass that hit him directly in the gut then we most likely win this game and no one is complaining about Fitz today. But it is what it is. So it's the backups QB's fault.... even though receivers were dropping balls left and right.... even though CJ averaged 1.7ypc.... even though Dowell Loggains is probably THE worst offensive playcaller in the NFL.... even though Reytaurd/Williams put us in a hole by spotting an extremely good team 7 points right off the bat. Yep. Makes sense.
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    I think he mispoke/typed. Pretty sure DW knows that this wasn't Fitz's first ever NFL game. Clearly he meant his first start with a new team.
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    He played horribly, the numbers show it, the tape shows it. This has nothing the do with Jake Locker, Fitz layed an egg yesterday.
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    Yeah, I meant first game of the season.

    Timing is important- the guy hasn't seen "game-speed" playing 2nd stringers in preseason.

    But.... what's logic to Titans fans?
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    Where's the logic in reasoning that the most turnover prone QB in recent history will somehow become accurate/ not turnover prone?

    I'm sure with time he will improve to an extent, but this offense will likely not be "fine" while he's playing. He's got serious flaws, and if we don't get the running game going, points will be difficult to come by, to say the least.
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    That first half was bad, but he settled down in the second half. Overall he was decent given that this was his first start of the season for a new team. We did not lose because of Fitz, we lost because of mistakes on special teams, another ******* referee call and some questionable offensive play calling (How long does it take Loggains to figure out that Poe is clogging up the middle and it is like having CJ running against a brick wall?).
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    He's made like 16M $$$ over the past 2 years, based on 1 good game and hyped like the next Aaron Rodgers.

    Better than Rusty? - Maybe. Question is whether he'll settle for vet minimum.