Marshon Lattimore

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    I had Marshon Lattimore as my top rated corner and he was a top 3 player for me. Garrett, Davis, and Lattimore were my top 3.

    I had Ramsey rated slightly higher the year before because he’s a better tackler.

    He’s had a great year but he hasn’t faced the big boys yet. So yeah he’s playing great but he’s faced 2 good WR’s and a bunch of average guys. No great WR’s yet.

    He’s having a terrific season but let’s hold off on the accolades for now. My dream draft was Lattimore at 5 and Davis at 18 (thought he would fall because of the injury.)
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    Latimore has turned that saints def around to finally be respectable - they’veawyas lacked a shut down outside corner - seems to be holding his own and helping the defense drastically improve

    Still high on Corey Davis but it’s time to take the kid wheels off - don’t want to keep hearing about potential time to show it - not going to be easy against the Ravens stingy pass defense and rust so I’ll temper expectations until another week down the road - assuming they don’t sit him for 3 more games because of a loose hang nail ...
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    They will have a few years to perfect their skills and match up in 2019.