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    Barron could be a great fit if Jerry intends on playing him near the line and bringing in corners for passing situations.It looks like he has lined up all over the field. Hopefully he gets a workout in before the draft.
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    After seeing what Big Al did for us, im fully bought into fixing our Defensive line first. A strong 4 man rush makes any coverage team better because now they can focus on the pass. I want the best Dlineman available.
  3. FLA Titans Fan

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    This draft class is deep in both Oline and Dline. Cant say the say the same about Safety.
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  4. LoneWolf

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    The comment was if Barron wasn't their for us at 20. What are we going to do just sit and wait until the next year. We need to look at other options out their. You say guys like Winston Jr. is a project player, how do we really know if they are going to translate to the NFL any faster or slower than anyone else. Just because they aren't your 1st tier prospects doesn't mean they won't do any better or worst.

    Cliff Harris (undrafted) for the Broncos went undrafted and got playing times complied 72tackles 7 pdef 1 int

    Quinton Carter (4th)Broncos 56 tackles 1 sack


    Cody Grimm (7th)Buccs 57 tackles 4pdef 2 int

    Amari Spievey (3RD) 51 tackles 7pdef 2int

    Not sure if all these guys were all full time starters or not I don't follow their teams but they all got considerable playing time. All 3rd round and back. I believe Griffin is in the hot seat with Jerry and could be on his way out or I can be completely wrong but we have not heard anything about redoing his or Cortland contracts. However, if we do or even if we don't draft Barron. We still need to be considering drafting another safety in the other tiers to develop or make an immediate impact because I think its 3 or 4 of our safeties are free agents this year.
  5. LoneWolf

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    I would really like to see us get a big guy to collapse the pocket like Big Al did I am high on two guys in particular Fletcher Cox and Dontari Poe. Than see just a pure speed rusher at defensive end we have run stoppers in Morgan and Jones. Someone like Curry, Ingram, Branch, you can throw Upshaw in their I think he would make a great DE. Having a great defensive line makes all the difference in your secondary. I strongly believe a lot of our cap space is going to rebuild the o-line in the off season.
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    I was only commenting on what I've hear or read. It's very simple that if Barron isn't the pick in the first we MUST draft one in the later rounds. This class is a toss up on Safety so that kinda sucks for us but it is what it is though.
  7. LoneWolf

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    Its like that every year though their is 1 maybe 2 top safeties than everyone else is eh.
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    Well lets not reach for a safety just because the draft does not have any. As long as we do not pick a linebacker, I could tolerate any defensive pick.
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    There is only 5 safeties i'd like from this year:

    Mark Barron, Antonio Allen, Harrison Smith, Markelle Martin, and George Iloka
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    He played with a bad injury that game.