Mariota's Ceiling Heading Into the Season

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Will Mariota retire after this season?

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  1. abc2330

    abc2330 Starter

    Okay. I missed the context and read this as an excuse.

    In their defense, Mariota had pretty awful stats over the past two years. It's logical to think that he needs a lot of help
  2. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    So when JWill claimed we spent premium DOLLARS at every position, you want to include draft capital. But then you ask what premium DOLLARS NE spends. Which is it?

    Here's a simple exercise. Did Conklin play like a top 8 pick last year? And to translate that...did he play like a top 3 RT? Voted to the Pro Bowl?

    Did CD look like a top #5 pick last year? I think he's a good wr and getting better...but has he been Julio Jones?

    If you want to assign value to the pick OUTSIDE of the draft, then you have to compare production to others in those spots. Then you will find our players lacking and blame someone else (like Mariota).

    In reality, you have to only look at the player and his production. Sure draft pick location gives you an idea of the upside...but many players bust or never live up to that. A simple example of that is Conklin. Mariota has almost nothing to do with whether he gets beaten or not. You want to tout that he's a top 8 pick...but he hasn't played like one. He was solid his rookie year with a TE attached to his hip...but most OT's will play well in that situation. And for the point of these recent posts...has he played like a top 8 pick last year? I would have benched him much earlier because on film, he's not right. He's getting beaten every way you can get beaten.

    The simple fact is we over drafted him out of need. And that's not Conklin's fault so he has unreasonably high expectations put on him for where he went in the draft. But you can't go around saying Mariota is surrounded by awesome players because draft pick location doesn't guarantee you anything.

    Walker was out almost the whole how do you count him as having value last year?

    And not to point out the obvious, but we don't have a top 10 paid RB. I think Lewis is like 14th or 15th. Did Lewis play better or worse last year compared to how he played with the Pats? Didn't we have a much better OL? Only in your mind.

    Lastly, coaching and gm's play a big role in all of this. GB has been wasting the best years of Rodgers by thinking they can cheap out and not give him a ton of talent. They were trying to copy NE but had several big problems. NE is masterful at developing talent. They have one of the greatest OL coaches in the history of the NFL which is how they get away with putting a lot of 3-5th round guys there. They develop them. Plus, NE has a unique offense and they've been running it for nearly a decade. That gives them a depth in their playbook that is unparalleled. Lastly, they are a lot smarter than most teams in what they need to run their offensive and defensive systems so they can get away with fewer 'premium' picks and premium dollars. Also, Belicheck is one of the greatest DC's in the NFL and always has a hand in their D...especially in the playoffs.

    GB does not run a unique system and are not deep in the playbook. They just hope Rodgers can make that up in off book plays and he did a lot more when he was younger. And GB has for the most part, not been good defensively. That's a GM and coaching problem.

    Lastly, NE gets a ton of free agent talent coming to them at mid range prices (on the cheap) because they can offer something no one else can...a good chance to win a ring. GB just let people go and wasn't able to draft well enough and develop those guys like NE.

    I think you'll be much happier this year with GB with LaFleur as coach.
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  3. Thaddeus43

    Thaddeus43 Sunshiner President

    You want to think MM isnt the answer, fine. I'm not saying he is the answer, Im just willing to be a little more patient.

    But to act like there haven't been mitigating circumstances affecting his play negatively is just being a blind hater.

    If MM stays healthy, has a healthy supporting cast and still isnt putting up better numbers, then I'll probably be on your side. But I just wouldnt expect much from any QB when their top targets go down, and they're injured, and they have no running game.
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  4. TitansWrath

    TitansWrath Pro Bowler

    I think your right. He is the Jeff Fisher of QBs. By which I mean, he plays not to lose. Not aggressive. Then in the fourth, when he has no choice, he gets aggressive.

    I want to see some games where he comes out slinging and is sitting on the bench having a Gatorade in the fourth because the backups are doing mop up duty .
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  5. JR1980

    JR1980 Pro Bowler

    Exactly. He is gun shy. McNabb was similar in some ways, but even he took shots more often. Can’t always count on 4th quarter comebacks and your defense bailing you out. The fact that we haven’t figured out how to “open up” this offense tells me a lot. His biggest highlights are a stiff arm and a self thrown touchdown in 4 years. Sure; he’s fun to watch at times and it was cool, but he’s my quarterback. I don’t want an athlete playing quarterback, I want a quarterback that’s an athlete as well....

    JCBRAVE goTitans 2019 Survivor Champion

    What Mary needs is just a run game and time to locate guys.

    He somehow made Tajae Sharpe look good once upon a time.

    The instance the run game was tapped out in 2017 was when we noticed this unfortunate shift in Mary's game.

    No way he sucks like you keep pretending he will. Hes got 3rd year Corey Davis, Delanie Walker, AJ Johnson Jr., and Henry at his disposal. Do you know what I can do in Madden with those 4 guys? Do you have any idea!?

    Mary should be licking his chops with this cast of guys.
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  7. JR1980

    JR1980 Pro Bowler

    Oh Brave....We know what he SHOULD do, but what will he ACTUALLY do?! Legit these same conversations happened last year..............
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    JCBRAVE goTitans 2019 Survivor Champion

    Youre not wrong about that, but Ill chose to look on the bright side while I still can. If dude stinks it up we might not be feeling too good in November. Ill put off hating the guy for now. Summer is long bro, even longer if you hate the QB.
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  9. Tewa Titan

    Tewa Titan Starter

    I think MM8 injury's and lackluster stats will work in our favor signing him to a reasonable extension. I believe he's better than what he's put on the table these last two years. The way these QBs are getting paid these days if you cant draft half way decent your not going to go anywhere even with a good qb at the helm. I would rather us have a MM8 who we know can when heathy get the job done but isn't putting up mahomes type numbers and a top defense. An example is Trent Dilfer and that Ravens D winning the Superbowl, but Mariota is better than Dilfer.

    Just imagine the contract that Mahomes is going to get putting up the numbers he did last year, that team isnt going to be able to retain a lot of the talent they currently have.
  10. Tuckfro42

    Tuckfro42 Frozen Donkey Wheel

    Simple question; has Mariota played like a #2 pick worth more than $25 million a year? That’s the question that matters the most and I don’t know if Mariota can give a positive answer to that question in one season.
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