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    So people excuse Ziggy Ansah's 4.5 sacks last year because he is relatively new to the game of football but Hunt who didn't play a down of football until 2009 is an underachiever?

    Ansah is foreign born and was a track athlete who began playing football in 2010.

    Hunt is a foreign born track athlete who began playing football in 2009.

    Hunt did have 8 sacks and 11.5 tfl and 11 hurries. It's not like he just took up space out there. Ansah might be the top pick in the whole draft so i think we can safely say that hunt is worth the 39th pick. He blocked 14 kicks in his career wow

    We are the one team in the nfl that also has an Estonian born player so we are the best fit for him.
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    Watching Hunt on video in the Fresno st. game he obviously plays too high and does not have good technique. He really struggles inside where you would like to use him on passing downs.

    But guess what, Ansah struggled inside also. Watch the Notre dame game, Ansah gets worn down on the inside and really gets pushed around by those big ND blockers. ND was probably the most pro like o-line Ansah faced last year and they got the best of him.

    It is shocking to me that Ansah is considered the best D-lineman in the draft right now.

    Funny that if Hunt can catch the ball he would be a great TE prospect. Not sure if he can though.

    Rare that a guy that big, that strong and that fast could be had in the 2nd rd. His potential use as a goaline TE and his ability to block kicks make him a very interesting prospect indeed. coaches have to be drooling over this guy.
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    Jesus christ! When he gets past his blocker he closes like nobody's business. Man can he run when he gets up to speed.
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    If we want to compare Hunt and Ansah that's fine. Ansah is going to go a bit earlier (I'm not sold he's going top 10) but he's younger and has higher upside. I honestly don't care where Hunt is from, I'm not sure how he's a "perfect fit" just because we have another guy from the same country. Sure it helps but it's not that big of a deal and shouldn't determine if we take him or not. Hunt is a really good prospect and has these great measurements but I'm just not sure how good he'll be in the NFL. Now, him and Ansah are very comparable but if I could choose straight up I'm going Ansah. I really don't think half a round is that big of a difference, Ansah will fall a bit imo and Hunt will go late 1st or really early in the 2nd.

    If you look at the Senior Bowl reviews you'll see Ansah got better and better everyday and started to really dominate towards the end while Hunt was pretty good for the week. I look at Hunt and see a good special teams player and a really big guy but I want more than that from a 2nd round pick. He's an intriguing guy that I would probably take a flyer on but more like the 3rd round. With Ansah I see a dominating 4-3 DE if he's coached right (like all prospects) and could be a big part of this team, Hunt is going to be a good player for a few years but that's about it. Also I think Hunt is a better fit for the 3-4.
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    Margus Hunt had 11.5 more sacks in his career than Dontari Poe, and Poe was considered a top 10 pick while Hunt is a 1st/2nd round...also, Hunt has some really nice game tape, while Poe's game tape was abysmal. I don't think that's a fair comparison...
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    I still swear Hunt was taking it easy most the season to stay healthy.

    If he puts in effort on most snaps- he'll pan out for someone real well. Better pro than college player, I think.
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    So he is old, raw, and selfish? Sweet.
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    Never thought about Hunt that way. He does have a lot of football to learn. Do you feel the age difference should play a big role in differentiating the two since they're both clearly developmental prospects?
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    Hunt played defensive end while Poe was a DT. Hunt should have more sacks. Apples to oranges.

    And I'd love to see Hunt's really nice tape. I assume you're talking about the bowl game, any other nice games? No, they don't exist.
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    I think he can be a good player with the right scheme and right team. Age isn't that big of a deal since he has less wear and tear and could play several more years due to that. Also most football players are only going to play for 4-10 years which is doable for him since he hasn't played a long time. He is an athlete and takes care of his body and doesn't have the football wear and tear.

    I really do think he could be a force. He needs to play 3-tech in a 4-3 though. That way he has only a 1 gap assignment and can just concentrate rushing the QB from the inside and pushing the pocket up the middle with his speed, strength, and quickness. He will need a lot of work with lowering his pad level but he can do it. Playing the 3-tech and 1 gap assignment would give him a lot less to deal with, especially being relatively new to the game. That way you are not over taxing him and making him indecisive. That was a lot of his problem at SMU. Being a 3-4 DE he was worrying about 2 gap assignments, which took away from his raw abilities because he was having to think too much instead of reacting. Being relatively new to the game that hindered him. He could swing out to 4-3 DE on some plays but primarily he should play inside as a 3-tech DT