Manning's second-half boost saves Colts

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky The Colts had to feel fortunate Monday to be sitting at 1-1 after coming back from a 15-0 deficit to beat Minnesota with a last-second field goal.
    [​IMG]Manning Today, Tony Dungy said he thought things opened up for the big pass plays that helped the Colts get back in it because Peyton Manning was finally able to take advantage of Vikings defensive backs who were inching up on Indy's receivers, though he had to unload the ball quickly because of the furious pass rush he faced.
    "They got the lead, but we were able to stay within striking distance," Dungy said. "They had a very, very good pass rush putting pressure on us all day. Because of that, I think their DBs really started crowding us. The first interception of the game, [Vikings CB Antoine] Winfield really plays under Marvin [Harrison] just feeling like we're not going to have time to throw it deep. We felt like we had some things. We had four or five plays that we just couldn't make for one reason or another. Then, we hit a couple in the second half and got going and fought and hung in there."
    Here's Manning's first half against his second half:
    <div align="center" /> <div align="center" /> AttemptsCompletionsYardsIntTDSacksLongPasser Rating1321861011850.913212251117594.3 What changed, allowing for Manning to finally find some big pass plays?
    "We were getting rid of the ball a little bit faster and dialed up some plays where we could get rid of it," Dungy said. "It's just a matter of him playing a little bit more and getting sharper. When you look at it, with the people we had in and the young offensive line and we're down 15-0, they have three Pro Bowl defensive linemen just teeing off, that was as good of a job of executing and hanging in there and making the plays we needed to win.
    "That was a very, very tough situation and I thought all our guys hung in there. You have to give him a lot of credit for delivering and getting the balls to the right people in that circumstance."

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