Manning's playoff record vs. 3-4 defenses not good

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    <em>Posted by's Paul Kuharsky</em> <p>SAN DIEGO -- According to ESPN Stats & Information, one major issue in Saturday night's AFC wild-card game in San Diego may be the Colts' ability to protect <a href="" shape="rect" target="_new">Peyton Manning</a> against the Chargers' 3-4 defensive front.</p> <p>The Colts are 7-7 in the playoffs with Manning under center. But Manning and Indianapolis are 6-3 against teams which use a 4-3 scheme as their base defense and just 1-4 against teams which primarily run the 3-4.</p> <p>Manning has actually thrown for more yards against 3-4 defenses, but his touchdown-to-interception ratio and sacks are much worse.</p> <table align="center" border="0"><tr><td colspan="1" rowspan="1"> <table bgcolor="#c0c0c0" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="400"><tr><td colspan="1" rowspan="1"> <table border="0" cellspacing="1" width="100%"><tr><td bgcolor="#005b00" colspan="3" rowspan="1"><font color="#ffffff" face="Verdana" size="1"><strong> Peyton Manning's Performance in Playoffs By Type of Defense</strong> </font></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor="#d6d6d6" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><font face="Verdana" size="1"><strong>Category</strong></font></td><td bgcolor="#d6d6d6" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><font face="Verdana" size="1"><strong>vs. Teams with<br clear="none" /> Base 4-3 Defenses</strong></font></td><td bgcolor="#d6d6d6" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><font face="Verdana" size="1"><strong>vs. Teams with<br clear="none" /> Base 3-4 Defenses</strong></font></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor="#ffffff" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><strong><font face="Verdana" size="1">W-L</font></strong></td><td bgcolor="#ffffff" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><font face="Verdana" size="1">6-3</font></td><td bgcolor="#ffffff" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><font face="Verdana" size="1">1-4</font></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor="#e6e6e6" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><strong><font face="Verdana" size="1">Comp. %</font></strong></td><td bgcolor="#e6e6e6" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><font face="Verdana" size="1">63.5% (191/301)</font></td><td bgcolor="#e6e6e6" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><font face="Verdana" size="1">59.5% (132/222)</font></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor="#ffffff" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><strong><font face="Verdana" size="1">Pass YPG</font></strong></td><td bgcolor="#ffffff" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><font face="Verdana" size="1">264.6</font></td><td bgcolor="#ffffff" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><font face="Verdana" size="1">303.2</font></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor="#e6e6e6" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><strong><font face="Verdana" size="1">TD-INT</font></strong></td><td bgcolor="#e6e6e6" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><font face="Verdana" size="1">15-9</font></td><td bgcolor="#e6e6e6" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><font face="Verdana" size="1">6-8</font></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor="#ffffff" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><strong><font face="Verdana" size="1">Sacked</font></strong></td><td bgcolor="#ffffff" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><font face="Verdana" size="1">6</font></td><td bgcolor="#ffffff" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><font face="Verdana" size="1">13</font></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor="#e6e6e6" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><strong><font face="Verdana" size="1">Passer rating</font></strong></td><td bgcolor="#e6e6e6" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><font face="Verdana" size="1">92.1</font></td><td bgcolor="#e6e6e6" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><font face="Verdana" size="1">74.1</font></td></tr></table> </td></tr></table> </td></tr></table> <p>Manning was sacked 14 times this season. Five of those sacks -- 35 percent of the total -- came in games against 3-4 teams: two against Baltimore, two against Pittsburgh and one against San Diego. He didn't get sacked against New England or Cleveland.</p> <p>For an interesting look at Manning's numbers this year as compared to <a href="" shape="rect" target="_new">Philip Rivers</a>', take a look at <a href="/blogs/afcwest/0-3-1251/Rivers-outshines-Manning-is-key-areas.html" shape="rect" target="_blank">this blog entry</a> from AFC West maven Bill Williamson.</p>

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