Man of Steel: Superman

Discussion in 'Movies/TV' started by Aqutis30, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. CRUDS

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    I don't think Michael Shannon is underrated, he gets loads of critical love.
  2. avvie

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    Over the years I have been more than forthcoming about my intense disinterest in Superman and all the reasons for it. Smallville led me to reconsider, and that led me to being duped by the last film adaptation....not even Kevin Spacey could save it. I understand that if I've never been a Superman fan then I probably never will be, but if such an iconic character is going to persistently endure in our culture then I'd like to see him given a compelling vehicle that isn't fuzzy around the edges and doesn't insult us with lame adolescent romance drama, absurdly fantastic powers and villains that can easily be mistaken for a weak attempt at comic relief.

    The trailer and credentials has me intrigued, but I still don't think I'm gonna risk an opening weekend on it.
  3. Finnegan2win

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    Superman has always bored me. His story is just not interesting and his powers are generic as hell.
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  4. avvie

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    And the sad part is to think about why that is.... this is the way Americans saw themselves after WWII. there was no end to the ridiculous powers bestowed upon him. Originally he just jumped really high; next he was full-on levitating at high speed and could pick up entire continents. It's all just entirely too silly to care about. As the joke goes: those first two people who said, "look, up in the sky!... it's a bird!"..."it's a plane!"...what the hell were they so excited about?
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