Magic number 4 for division title

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans2004, Nov 15, 2021.

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    I like getting his vote of confidence but his list is wildly questionable.
    Colts top 10? No
    Dallas #2? No especially when he talks about how physicality is about to be a huge success ingredient.
    KC #6? Maybe but I think that’s more of a previous success pick
    NE #5? No.

    I just know this guys have to say “off the wall” crap to get people to chime in. They premise doesn’t speak well for his vote of Titans #1 either.
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    Man, losing this game to the damn Texans with the Pats coming up is about to make the AFC get really interesting.

    **** the Bears for not beating the Ravens without Lamar too.

    We literally controlled our own destiny and straight blew it at home against the Texans.

    Sad Thanksgiving week for us Titans fans.
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  4. Aqutis30

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    Looking forward to see if the Titans can top their current record of people injured and out next weekend.

    AJ Brown going to have bruised or broken ribs?
  5. Finnegan2win

    Finnegan2win hopesfall2win

    well AJ took a shoulder hit so he's out for the season

    bunch of pussies on this team
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