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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by RollTide, Mar 30, 2012.

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    Kuechly is a fantastic linebacker. He has the instincts, power, vision, tackling technique and coverage skills you would want in a LB. He will be a great pro. When you watch his game footage, not just highlights, you will see he is NEVER out of position and is almost always the first guy to hit the ball carrier

    With that said, stop saying draft Kuechly at MLB and move McCarthy to WLB. WHY WOULD U DO THAT. If it isn't broke don't fix it.

    If Kuechly is there at 20 and he is by far BPA, the Titans will have to make a move, trade the pick or draft him at WLB. On the other hand, LB is a dying position. Fast safetys and big corners are taking the league over. Notice what happened in FA, LBs and RBs were a slow, dark market.
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    Linebacker more and more seems the best way to go in rd 1. We are filling out our D-line needs with free agents and i'm not sure if there is a CB worth taking in rd 1. That leaves Barron or one of these top linebackers.

    As far as McCarthy and Kuechly and where to play them the coaches can figure that out. It's not like McCarthy has made 2 pro bowls in the middle. Both guys have the instincts and ability to play well anywhere you put them. McCarthy should have been a 2nd rd pick, his workout was almost as good as Kuechly and he was also a great college player.
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    I would draft a WR before I'd draft a LB in Rd.1 this year. If Floyd is there at 20 we have to take him.

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    I'd take a LB over a WR at 20, cause after those top 3 WR's, the rest are not guys you can play day-1.
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