LP Field fans need to adopt this

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, Dec 11, 2012.

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    Just win, baby
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    Not disrespecting you at all but I pay approx. $5,000 per year for two season tickets that we have had for over 10 years - and that has nothing to do with all the Titans Merchandise that is purchased by our household. When you have over $50,000 invested in the Titans then tell me why I should be happy and yelling at the games when there is nothing to cheer for.

    Don't misunderstand me - I will continue to support the Titans and we will keep our Season Tickets but we are at a very low point with morale and unless the Front Office and Coaches make some drastic changes they can't expect this fan base to continue being the 12th Man.
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    You know, I don't like saying things like this......

    but this whole "how much I spend" argument is pretty ****ing stupid. I mean, if Riverman and titan_fan_4ever made the exact same, had no other financial obligations, lived within close proximity, then MAYBE the argument would have some weight.

    But they don't.

    If you want to say I spend a higher % of my income, then thats different. However, I think both would agree that no one wants to disclose that type of information. Both are pretty active posters, so by default, I would say neither are your 'average' fan.
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    For example, I have been a fan since they moved to Nashville and I am 25.

    Got my first job at 18 during the summer and did not have Sundays off. At 19 I joined the Marines, caught two games that year and did/could not visit TN for the rest of my time in. Due to deployments or other obligations.

    Got out, started going to school and working full time in Memphis. Could not go to games because I worked Sundays.

    I highly doubt anyone here is going to say that they are a bigger/better fan than I am. If so, I probably don't care too much for you already. But the one thing most posters have invested in the team is time, and that is something you cannot get back.
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    You are exactly right and we have so much time invested in this team and it just seems like we're always waiting on "next season".
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    I will admit that if my dad did not continue to purchase our two PSLs we've had since '99, I would only be going to 2-3 games a year. 4 tops. And I'd buy the cheapest ones. I went to two road games on my own money last year, so I'd definitely still get to go to some games - just not as many.

    He could easily stop buying them because he has since purchased 4 separate PSLs in another section for my stepmom and sisters. He probably realizes I'd be so pissed at him for favoring women who do not care about the team than me.

    Definitely grateful for those tickets.
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    And you could even go a step further and say that a lot of the season ticket holders aren't even that big of Titan's fans. Its like they just want to go to the games for something to do. For instance I made the 5 hour trip to Nashville to go to the week 8 game vs the Colts with a friend (my friend's friend had season tickets and we went with him) He shows up to the game in a UT hoodie, and its obvious that he doesn't really know much about the team when talking about the players/coaches. And there are a LOT of 'fans' like him that go to the games. Don't wear the jerseys, are actually rooting for the other team's players for fantasy purposes .. just pathetic. There are a lot of people that show up without even wearing Titan's stuff ...you can't be that big of a fan if you can't manage to wear anything Titans related to a Titans game.
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    Yep... Most of the fans with season tickets don't care. It's pretty obvious when I clap loudly or yell every single down we are on defense (until we are getting destroyed) and people give me "WTF shut up" looks. I prefer to stand the whole time, but usually am forced to only getting up on third downs. Even then, sometimes I'm the only one standing... And sometimes people tell me to sit down. If that happens, I am sure to stand up more often.

    Also... When I yell mean things to the refs, don't give me evil looks... This applies to women. The men tend to laugh at what I say.

    Lastly, I have made it a tradition to boo Michael Griffin obnoxiously every time he is introduced. Fans give me odd looks which leads me to believe they know nothing about our team or how bad Griffin is.
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    hahaha, funny stuff...

    you'll know i'm at my first titan game the day a brick comes flying out of the stands when Griff is introduced....
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    just take your shoe off

    You will be the only one that knows how bad you are ripping him though
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