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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Bryan Randal, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. Bryan Randal

    Bryan Randal Camp Fodder

    After all my years as a season ticket holder, I have been pretty disappointed with our fans at LP Filed the last past several seasons. With the exception of a few Primetime games, our crowd was half as loud as the crowds from years ago and saw many of the sell out seats empty. When the Chiefs had the ball into the fourth with the Titans leading 17-13, the crowd was mild on the decimal level on my account compared to what I use to hear. Yeah, there was crowd noise on the higher end of the scale at times, but really feel that the fans need to get back to the early days when even the commentators working the game from the booth would comment on barely being able to hear.

    It just seems that Titan fans have been so use to mediocrity as of late, that the thrill if you will, is gone or just barely lifting a fan to that ultimate fan-fare craze. The Titans have had a great start, and very happy about their play as of late, but if any learning lesson or game evaluation can be made about Sundays's game, is the Chiefs playing that much harder, aggressive and more determined to leave Nashville 5-0 rather than the Titans leaving the stadium 4-1. I would've thought we would play like the Chiefs did trying to give a 4-0 top AFC team their first loss, clawing, scratching and flying through both lines and hated seeing a really determined Chiefs team succeed instead.

    I thought the entire afternoon was going to be doom and gloom when the first punt of the game from the Chiefs just happened to hit Williams on the back of his heel, rolling the ball into our end zone for 7 very precious points that really seemed to be the biggest difference maker from the start. Play CJ more on the goal line or inside the red zone, and if you can't get his running game going, start using him more creatively to keep his confidence up, so we don't write about how he got paid and doesn't care anymore.

    No more four and outs on the 1 yard line please, and for God sakes get rid of Kenny Britt!!!
  2. GoT

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    your kinda all over the place there

    first paragraph I think it needs too be said that there was a 100% chance of rain when people woke up sunday morning. That, for right or wrong, produced many empty seats. That aside I had a spare ticket I could not give away. So there appears to be about 50k ish fans that are actually willing too attend a game, and a good chunk of them wont go in bad weather. It is what it is at this point. Remember back in the day when scalpers paid above face on game day? Yeah that aint gonna happen again either. I dont have an answer but the people who show up can only do what they can do.

    second paragraph on :beerbang:
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  3. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne #CoachKegstand

    This has been a problem since we had our first bad season after our initial success.

    Tennessee fans are as fickle as they come.

    I remember not being able to go anywhere without seeing cars with Titans stickers/flags/etc... shirts in every store.... Now? It's a rarity.

    When my girlfriend moved in to her new house, she noticed the next door neighbor had a Titans flag on the porch. She said "Look!! The last 2 Titans fans are now neighbors!"
  4. GoT

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    you should not date retards
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  5. Big TT

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    I will not begin to explain why some don't go to games...but I can speak for myself. We have basically witnessed the same season play out for 10 of the years of the Titans existence. Yes we have had great bright spots, SB run, AFC championship games, 3 seasons with 13 wins but the other years have been painful and predictable to watch. Sort of drags you down...that combined with the pain in the ass parking in the downtown area.
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  6. GoT

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    they crush your spirit at the gate with the stupid intrusive rules and searches

    once your in your seat they have Rogers jackbooted thugs that can be summoned by anonomous text.

    I was asked, seriously here, in the first quarter too stop making noise - by a dude in a Titans jersey!

    I have a feeling only about half the stadium is still the originals from 1999 - clearly my guess.

    heck even the retarded chant 'go Titans go' caught some extended love sunday. That particular chant has been rejected like 145 games in a row now!
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  7. jbrit

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    I too think the the crowd should work much harder on their decimals. One poorly placed dot can lead to disaster.
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  8. The Hammer

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  9. Kaeotik

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    This brings up something I noticed during the Chiefs game. Not just that our crowd was less than loud by NFL stadium standards when it was appropriate to create noise to help the defense, but that our defensive players weren't calling for noise either. Our players seem completely unconnected from the fans at home games. That little thing players do with their arms to tell the crowd to get loud doesn't happen. The players could help the crowd noise but seem uninterested in doing so imo.
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  10. Dman

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    the anonymous text sh** needs to stop. There has to be a better way to help security when there is a problem and not have random people text a number.

    That dude needs to GTFO, fans like that piss me off so much. I would have yelled right back at him. Then if you do that, he texts a number and bye bye.
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