Lovie Smith/Jay Cutler '14

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    Lovie Smith is available and Jay Cutler will be a free agent. I know Cutler may be overrated (and injury prone), but I am sick of having a team without a QB. It's gone on for too damn long, and I can't take it much longer. Cutler would have an OL that could actually protect him, defenses would have to respect our passing game, and Lovie Smith would have our defense playing well. I'm all in for a Lovie/Cutler reunion in Tennessee. Won't happen... but dammit I can hope. Trade for Brandon Marshall too because the Bears have bigger issues right now. Cutler/Marshall/Lovie = contenders.

    Yes, it's time to give up on Locker - even after we thought he was going to be the answer after the Jets game. Maybe he is a good QB, but he can't play more than four games at a time without getting hurt in a bad way. I like the guy, and he's not failing due to a lack of effort like VY (sorry for the VY reference), so I can't hate on him. But it's definitely time for a change.

    Take Manziel in the draft if he's there (we won't have a shot at Bridgewater). I don't even care if he's a douche. I don't care if there are concerns about his size. We need some excitement and league attention. We have no one exciting right now... no game changers. No creativity.

    This garbage needs to end. Get rid of every last Oiler remnant on this team and stop hiring from within!

    This team pisses me off so damn much, and you know what's funny... we'll probably beat the Colts on Thursday all for NOTHING. If you're going to suck, do it right. At least the Jags really know how to suck.

    I don't even care right now. I'm going to have a really hard time at the game cheering for this crap Thursday night after they just embarrassed themselves and all of us by losing to the JAGS! In 2011, we could've beaten the 4-12 Jags or 0-13 Colts just once in order to make the playoffs, and we couldn't get it done. Enough is enough.

    Munchak has lost to the Jags in each of his three seasons with this team. Why does he still have a job? Fire him right now and let Gregg take over as interim. Then hire Lovie Smith (or someone with experience) in the offseason.

    If we lose on Thursday, I'm sorry but I hope we lose out. Fake fan or not, I am sick of this team fooling us all into believing we have a shot at the playoffs. Before the Jags game, I really thought we'd be a playoff team. But when you lose to that scrub team, everything changes. You don't deserve the playoffs, and you'll get blown out if you make it. It would be an embarrassment. I'd rather know that we have no chance than keep believing it's possible only to be let down like every year.

    F it. Go 4-12 and get a difference maker. Just draft the right guy this time.
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    We can all dream.

    FTR I don't think they will tank on purpose.

    6-10 feels realistic at this point.

    They will quit on Munch and burn with Fitz under center.

    I'm all in for letting the dumpster fire rage on and starting fresh with all new everything next year.
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    Can't condone sucking for Luck or clowning for Clowney, I just hate losing that much. but Lovie Smith is good, Jay Cutler not so much, but it would be an improvement from Locker.
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    Jay Cutler already got Lovie Smith fired once. I don't think Smith would be all that happy to have him under center again...
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    Jay Cutler is just an updated version of Fitzpatrick.
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    Actually The Buurs were doing swell before Cutler got injured, which began the collapse of the Bears two seasons in a row. So you could say the lack of Cutler got Lovie fired.

    Cutler went to college here in Vandy, so why not bring him back to his roots? He's the QB we should have picked in the 2006 draft.
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    I like Cutler. I mean, he seems like a douche. But I like him on the field. He may be a little overrated but he can get the job done when he's got the pieces around him. We got (most of) the pieces. Just need an above-average QB who isn't on the sidelines more than he's on the field. Cutler has only missed 9 games since 2007 (7 seasons). That's really not bad. Hell by the time the season is over our guy will have missed nearly twice that many games in the past two seasons alone.
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    Jay Cutler is a coach killer. Got Josh McDaniel fired. Got Mike Shanahan fired. Got Lovie Smith fired.

    Jay Cutler is the definition of mediocrity. He's good enough to get you to nine or ten wins, but when you don't do anything beyond that the coach gets the axe.

    And apparently he can only throw to Brandon Marshall...
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    Josh McDaniel got Josh McDaniel fired.
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