Looks Like Young Might Ride The Short Bus

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by ChitownTitan, Feb 25, 2006.

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    Thank you.

    P.S. ron hubbard is the founder of Scientology....:hmm:
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    Ron Hubbard = :crazy:
  3. Did Vince really score a 16 on his 2nd try?

    PFT now is reporting his 2nd try was not a 16, but a 7! If true, he looks even worse...
    Curiouser and curiouser...
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    OK, I will chime in with some real world standardized test results. My daughter and best friend both are seniors at Centinnel HS. Both have 4.0+ GPAs and take all honor/AP courses. Now my daughter's GPA and class ranking is a bit higher, but not much...maybe 5-6 spaces. Both have taken the ACT and studied together. Now here is the difference. My daughter's friend doesn't do well on those test and has convinced herself of that fact. She took the ACT and got a 24, retook it and got a 26. My daughter took it and made a 33 (or 34, can't remember). The difference btwn. a 26 and a 33 is HUGE in terms of college. My daughter has received large scholarship offers from big universities and small private colleges. Her friend got much smaller scholarship offers. Now my point is this: Is my daughter that much smarter or more deserving than her friend? No. Will the difference btwn. a 33 and 26 indicate some kind of future success? Absolutely not. Bottom line, these standardized tests are far from perfect, but have been assigned maximum importance, but have no real indication on determining success.
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    For the most part I agree. The only part I would say is that they are an indicator of success. They just aren't the only indicator and they do have faults. So they shouldn't be looked at out of context- in this case, the other context to consider might be grades and the other test scores.

    But if I am a college admissions person and I have both students in front of me applying for scholaships and only have budgeted amount for one of them.... how do I choose?
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    What I find funny, is if it's such a "rumor", how come there hasn't been any confirmation of the first score, but as soon as he took the second one, they told us the score. That tells me that in fact there was reason for it being low, and they haven't dispelled that slight fact. Is the league worried that possibly the lowest score on the Wonderlic will damage the marketability of the wonder child known as Vince Young?
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    vince isnt stupid

    who really cares if he got a 6 out of fifty he still led his team to a rose bowl victory over two smarter players(lienart and bush) if he can do that he can win on sundays
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