Looks like we might get Abraham.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TouchdownTitans, May 6, 2013.

  1. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Crap the booze out.

    From anyone else, I'd assume this was a statement suggesting violence.

    From you, I know it's about offering sex.
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  2. Brew City

    Brew City Case Race Champion

    Please everyone go back and watch the games. Morgan actually played really freaking well. 6.5 sacks and top 5 in qb pressures. Excellent in run support. Would have had a ton more sacks if we could cover anyone on the back end or didn't play 10 yds off every receiver every play. Morgan is the real deal. You guys are just hung up on the sacks stat though. I just watched through the whole season again and was very impressed.
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  3. UrbanLegend3

    UrbanLegend3 Pro Bowler

    There is a reason the FO didn't really address the DE position like some hoped they would. If they felt DE was such a position of need Abraham would already be on this team. They only want him as a situational guy because they believe in our current starters.
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  4. mike75

    mike75 Starter

    Freeny got snatched up the minute an injury hit the Chargers on defense and it looks pretty much like Abraham is the last big name pass rusher on the market.All its going to take is another freak injury then Abraham will be gone as well.In my opinion i think we will more than likely end up with Idonije from the Bears because it looks like Abraham is digging his heels in and is waiting on something like another injury to hit someplace so he can play fulltime.

    The more i think about it i think a player like Israel Idonije might be a better fit here and i'd rather have him than wait on Abraham with his list of demands.Seems like Abe wants everything handed to him and at this point with him already flirting with retirement it seems like we might be better off with Idonije.I think Idonije would have more left in the tank.Hopefully we don't wait too long to get him signed before some other team comes along.
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  5. steverife

    steverife Starter

    I love Morgan's game.

    With that said, I feel like his hurry numbers are inflated by all the times that he chased the quarterback 10 yards on a screen with no hope of actually getting a sack, then the quarterback dumps the ball at the last possible second, then McCarthy misses a tackle and seperates his shoulder, then Babs and Griffin take horrible angles, then McCourty forces the play inside and Casey makes the tackle from behind after running around 40 yards. ...then we get gashed up the middle 2 straight plays because Casey just ran 40 yards.
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  6. Psychop1

    Psychop1 Big Tee Tip Jar Donor

    If we play press, and with the addition of Wilson there's no reason not to, Morgan and Wimbley will both have great seasons, Morgan for sure. The biggest hitch in Morgan's game was that the QB always had someone wide open for a quick out.
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  7. Riverman

    Riverman That may be.... Tip Jar Donor

    That's a really good point. I hadn't thought of it like that but any amount of game tape preparation would show a QB a quick out will be open with our CB's that far off the line.
  8. mike75

    mike75 Starter

    Freeney signed with the Chargers for a two-year deal at 8.75 million and maximum worth up to $13.35 million.

    If Abraham were to expect a similar contract would that be too much as far as what Webster and the Titans would be willing to pay.......
  9. UrbanLegend3

    UrbanLegend3 Pro Bowler

    Hell yeah. I'd be pissed if we made him an offer like that.
  10. mike75

    mike75 Starter

    I was also thinking that would be way too much as well but this Freeny deal could very well possibly be something Abraham and his agent are looking for.I agree with some others in the fact that i don't want Abraham coming here treating this like its his final payday.
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