Breaking News Looks like Bill O'Brien is headed to the Texans

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by KyTitansFan, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. Deuce Wayne

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    How many games has our gameplan been the reason we lost?

    Now: How many games has our gameplan kept us competitive in? Almost all of them.

    You don't fire a coach when the team hasn't given up on them- clearly fight for them, and are staying competitive.

    And don't kid yourselves- this team is competitive. Don't underestimate that.

    Bring in a new coach and you're taking a huge chance on the team buying into what they're selling.
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    The saddest part about that 2-20 statistic is the fact that both of those wins came in his first season (2011) against the Ravens and Texans... the W against the Texans was a freebie. So IMO Munch is really just 1-20 against winning teams.

    In reality, the only impressive win we've seen by Munch was week 2 of 2011 against the Ravens. He won me over after that game and lost me after the loss to the Colts.

    As an owner, I don't know how you can take a look at that 2-20 stat and still keep Munch around unless you concede that you accept mediocrity and do not care one bit about winning anything.
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    Yes, I love having a coach who's gameplan keeps it close but doesn't win. We never blow anybody out. We always barely sneak by even when we play bad teams, which are the only teams we beat. This team has NO IDENTITY. We have been up and down week to week ever since Munchak took over. Extremely frustrating to watch. At least with Fisher, you always knew if we could establish the run, we would win, and if not we would lose. I haven't known what Munchak is trying to do since he took over.
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    He's been trying to establish a smash-mouth football identity. Everything he's done as a head coach points to that fact from free agency, to the draft, to play calling in the early parts of the season. Unfortunately for reason unknown to damn near anyone, we've failed horribly to run the ball effectively and are ironically more well suited to throw the ball. I hope that we change the philosophy of the offense next season because the running game alone won't cut it. Luckily for us I think Loggains is starting to understand that our team is more built to throw than run.
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    Don't listen to Gunny, he is obviously in Australia, and has bad taste is rugby league teams. However, good taste in NFL teams.
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    You're thinking about this way too hard. It's very simple, if O'Brien takes the HC job with the Texans, then that opens up a job at Penn State. It would be an easy out for the Titans if Munch were offered the position and took it. Simply put, I hope Munch is offered and takes the HC job at PSU.

    P.S. I don't think much about old gf's..... lol ;-)
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    My god the Texans have just hired the only good Head Coach candidate in the entire NFL/college ranks. What will we do!!!
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    This is just such ridiculous logic. When we lose it's the players. When we win, or are "competitive", it's the coaches/gameplan.
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    Anyone else thinks Whisenhunt looks a little like a chump for going into interview with Texans today?