Featured Long Term Deal for Henry?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Nov 11, 2019.

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    Just want to do a quick rewind here,
    We’re talking about if Henry is worth the money, DJ gets brought up as overpaid and potentially crippling his team with his contract.
    Then DJ is considered over rated among the reasons why is teams don’t have to stack the box against him.

    I disagree on the point that “needing to stack the box” or not is a useful benchmark to whether a RB is overrated or not.

    To relate to the overall thread, I think his “over rated” idea could have been valid prediction but more so in hindsight of what he did after his payday.
    The season he put up is one of the best in the past 20 years and only also accomplished by regular league leaders that no one would question their paycheck almost entirely. Some of which stacking the box was a good move, some not (which is why I don’t think it’s valid for overrated or not).

    Because of the rarity of his production and the other names that accomplished it, cardinals were totally justified in paying for him (never mind that 3/39 isn’t all that bad) and had reason to believe he would be a name among the few other names to do what he did.

    I think guys like Faulk and Holmes helped change the RB position. (Roger Craig years before). The value of top RBs is not strictly running and that some of the most valuable all time were because of their receiving skills. Johnson can run and catch.
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    I can’t wait to sign these guys and end all this crap. There is no way we are going to just let Henry walk
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  5. Titanoiler51

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    would not surprise me at all.
  6. Dman5TX

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    In Adrian Peterson’s 2,097 yard season be averaged 80 yards per game in his first 6 games.
    No one said he crippled his team with that contract. It was a short deal for a reason.

    You can’t compare Faulk and Priest Holmes to David Johnson. Not even in the same category. Again if you want to run through that list and try again on RB’s who forced teams to stack the box go ahead.

    David Johnson is like Austin Ekeler basically. He’s a solid player but I don’t think anyone would agree to pay him top 5 money. He’s just not that kind of RB.
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    You keep pointing to his one season that made him so great but that list had dudes doing that multiple times in their career. As I’ve stated from the start of this whole thing. He’s overrated because he had one season where he was stellar and he has been meh every other year.
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    Not what I’m saying.
    A) he did get top RB money when he signed and b) it’s because of the 1 season output that is only matched by the players I listed.

    Never said he was Faulk or Holmes but when he was signed for that big contract, the hope for ARZ was that he did end up that good/consistent. Based on the 1 year sample (in full use), the production he put out vs the only other players to match that production = a pretty good gamble.

    This is not to say I agree with the decision. I was actually very indifferent at the time being a cardinals player and all but gladly see he didn’t pan out anyway. The overrated part is either a lucky prediction on your part or hindsight since.

    You’re way off with your Ekeler comparison. That’s a joke. The talk for DJ after that season was very comparable to Henry now with the exception of DJ getting used in the pass game but (I’ll agree) not as good a runner.
    Cards had no future at QB, boldin was long gone so only an aging Fitz left at WR (he’s played great still FTR). The only offensive weapon they had was a guy with 2000+ offensive yards and 20 TD.
    He got hurt, the cards still sucked, he got signed.
    He also put up a decent 1300+ yards and 10 TD after his signing.
    The overall point is that not every RB is like Henry and that some of the best backs (even better than Henry) don’t necessarily RUN for as many yards but receiving production counts and matters. TD matter.
    We very well may see the same post contract production out of Henry. I don’t think so but that’s how hindsight works.
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    We better sign this mofo. Just forked out some cash for this bad boy 7042E6D7-077E-43CA-8EB2-9108379EE51F.jpeg 9F1A94D7-849D-492F-9EAB-A509350533ED.jpeg
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    We will....He wants to be a Titan and you can tell JRob and Vrabel love him.
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