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    This is my point. You guys are making too many assumptions. It's like people on this board love to find reasons to be mad/upset with the Titans. For all we know it's the Brown's fault for not competing the trade. The quote was "we had almost made trades... and backed out". Maybe JUST MAYBE Cleveland realized they could get their guy later and decided not to trade. MAYBE it wasn't the Titan's "failure" at all.

    Clearly an attempt was made to trade down. To me, it doesn't seem like they're trying to cover up anything and I don't intepreit his comment as a lie. If others choose it see it that way, so be it.
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    Swapping 1sts and a third would be highly beneficial to the Browns but it's still a legitimate offer as the beginnings of a negotiation. If all they offered was swapping 1sts and a 3rd then I could see Webster turning it down but I think they wanted Manzeil enough to offer more. What would be the absolute minimum you would require to pull the trigger on a trade? For me swapping 1sts and getting either their 2nd or both their 3rds seems fair.
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    while I agree it could also be guessed that the Brownies tried to low-ball the Titans
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    yeah. I'm sure the truth is in both viewpoints.
    Guess the Titans put all their tradin' eggs in one basket, and it burned them. Oh well, spilled milk.
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    My guess is the Browns did not want to trade their high 2nd, though according to the trade value chart, it would have been a perfect match.

    Titans #11 pick = 1250 points.

    Browns #s 26 + 35 = 700 + 550 = 1250.

    My guess is Haslam and crew tried to devalue our pick a bit. The third round picks, #s 71 & 83 are worth 235 & 175 = only 410 points. So then, to even that out the Browns would have had to have given up multiple picks. They could have discussed future picks, but teams have a finite amount of time, and the Browns may have begun talks with Dallas during the process.
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    yea I think he woulda accepted a third if lewan wasn't there, but with a top ten talent available that 11 spot is worth a swap and a second.. but whatevs
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    We blew it or they played us or we gave them too much time to decide or who knows what happened.

    We didn't trade and we drafted Lewan so he better be damn good.
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    I'm not upset. I feel good about Lewan.

    The fact it didn't go through definitely changed our draft though. We could have netted a better group on the top end. Carr and a decent pass rusher or CB and still got SANKEY.
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    I am not a fan of Carr so missing out on him is no big deal. I have a feeling in the end the Titans did not like him either.
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