Lockers Accuracy Suggests Breakout Year?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by xpmar9x, May 6, 2013.

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    Gregg Williams is the kind of guy I can see teaching our players how to get away with as much BS as they can. Like he'll teach them how to make the most contact possible without drawing a flag, and stuff like that. Stretch the rules without actually breaking them... might be frowned upon but if it makes our defense better I'm all for it.
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    Drops aren't always entirely the fault of the receiver. Locker can still make an inaccurate throw, but still throw it close enough for it to be considered a catchable ball, and in the end, considered a "drop". A more accurate QB will result in less drops.

    But I agree that we did have a problem with stone hand WRs.. and now we added the WR from UT who also had a case of the dropsies. Woo hoo. I want to see hours upon hours of pure catching drills in training camp.

    This should become our WRs new best friend.
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    I'm not sure 14 incompletions would do a whole lot for his completion %. Washington also saved his ass a couple of times watch the Lions game. We can sit here and make excuses all day it doesn't matter, he will either sink or swim this year. Be patient everyone I'm all for optimism too but we have to calm down on these absurd little stats and excuses. Let him play and prove it on the field.

    And for the Luck thing, the guy is good. He had a **** line and arguably worse skill positions talent to Jake and took his team to the playoffs. Until proven otherwise he is better than Jake at this point, not that it can't change but it is what it is. I'll also say that Bruce Arians had a big part of his success. Palmer couldn't hold Arians clipboard.
  5. Obie09

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    Those 14 incompletions put him from 61% to 55% for the year.
  6. Thaddeus43

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    As do I ... in fact I H5'd your post even though we are on opposite sides of the debate because you brought up some good points (although that doesn't mean I won't refute them lol)

    Only 6 more games yes, but Luck had double the number of attempts. If you throw more, then you are going to have more yards. Thats why you have to compare yards/att ... in which the 2 were basically tied.

    Tim Tebow and VY had a lot of 'game winning drives' ... do you want them on your team?

    I'm being hyperbolic (a little) but my point is that this isn't a stat you should use to judge a single player. This, along with wins, belong to the team ... not the player. Look at the 1st Titans game for instance. Luck throws a dinky screen pass, and the RB takes it all the way to the endzone for the game winner. That was an amazing play by the RB (or terrible play from our D), not so much a great drive by Luck. Although all you hear on ESPN was how amazing Luck was.

    Again, you can't compare total yards when he had 2 times as many attempts as Locker

    Also not sure where you get that Luck had a higher completion % ... Locker had a better comp % than Luck last year.

    Luck did out perform Locker in the RZ as you mentioned, and Locker does need to get better there as well, but our RZ playcalling was garbage too. That didn't help.

    Did Luck have a better year last year overall? Yes he did. But Locker was on a ****** team and injured, so its not that hard, but when you look at the 2 on a play by play basis, they weren't far off from each other.

    My point isn't that Locker is great. He needs a ton of improvement. My point is Luck isn't great either. Luck has A LOT of improving to do as well, contrary to what the media would have you believe. If Luck were on the Titans last year, we would still probably be a 6-10 team based on his individual play. Sure he racked up some yards, but he also threw the ball ~650 times last year too.
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    hmm...good to know. How many drops were Jake's fault though?
  8. Carp

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    I would hardly take that at face value.
  9. nytitaner

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    Jake is a little uptight, just needs to relax and get comfortable, an o line and running game will help tremendously.
  10. TitansWillWin2

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    He was injured before that! Lol He missed almost all of the fourth game and the entire fifth game so this stupid stat is only taking into account the first three games!! LMAO. Do the entire season for him!
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