Locker, Wright clicking on third downs

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    One of the many ways Titans quarterback Jake Locker has shown improvement this year is in third-down situations.

    Locker currently is the NFL’s third-ranked quarterback on third down, with a 106.3 passer rating that trails only Cam Newton and Peyton Manning. He’s 39-of-61 passing (63.9 percent) for 426 yards, four touchdowns and zero interceptions.

    That’s quite an upgrade from last season, when Locker finished with an 80.9 rating on third down. He completed 56 percent, throwing three touchdowns and two interceptions.

    Said Locker: “You can play a terrible game, but if you’re good on third downs, you can keep the team on the field, you sustain drives, and you give yourself the opportunity to score. That’s the goal of the game.”

    Almost half of Locker’s third-down completions (18 of 39) have gone to wide receiver Kendall Wright, who ranks second in the NFL in third-down receptions, trailing only Tampa Bay’s Vincent Jackson (19).

    “Kendall is a guy that when we drafted him, we thought he had explosive ability,” Locker said. “He’s shown that for us and done that for us. We’re excited we get those kinds of plays out of him.”

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  2. 5tweezyPOT

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    lets lock up locker and wright long term now haha.....nah thatd never happen. but this does look like a great duo for the future could be better than some of the top 10 qb wr duos in history if locker stays healthy and wright keeps improvin
  3. titan_fan_4ever

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    i'm not sold on him yet....

    he's got quite a long way to go if you ask me. after starting the season out strong, he's regressed again as of late.

    also, the dude needs to show me he can play for 16+ games or 32+ games in a row. even if you have an all-world QB, if he's always dinged it, won't really matter.

    he also has to show me that he can win several in a row.. my goodness, how long has it been since we won 3 or 4 or 5 games in a row... i know this doesn't entirely fall on him, but just like he'll get a lot of credit if/when it happens, he needs some blame for it not...

    i know the pass protection has been down as of late and in the end, he's only started like what 16 games or something, so yeah, i'm not saying cut him, definitely give the dude some more time, but he's def not close to 'resign' either...
  4. Titans2004

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    I think Locker feels very comfortable throwing to both Wright and Washington. I'm hoping that he continues to build a rapport with Walker as well as Hunter.

    This offense has some really good potential. We just have to see if Loggains can help the offense reach it.

    I'm hoping it happens over the next week culminating in an impressive thursday night performance against the Colts.
  5. Fry

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    I wouldn't say Locker has "regressed." Did people think he was going to go the next eight games without throwing a pick?
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  6. Finnebosch

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    Too bad Kendall is only an average - mediocre receiver.

    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    Locker does need to show he can last a whole season before I'd hand him an extension. If he's constantly unavailable due to injury he's useless.
  8. Ensconatus

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    The team knew he was injury prone when they drafted him tho.
  9. Ensconatus

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    He's on pace for some good numbers. Accuracy % is hitting the sweet spot. He's lead the team on game winning drives. He's finally getting the game experience he needs. He's playing thru what most thought was season ending injury.

    The kid is still growing. Someone from a non-titans background would be impressed with him lately.
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    Yea I dont care how a guy was in college, Frank Gore never played due to so many injuries in Miami, now look at him.

    If my QB is missing more than 2 games a year regularly, Im looking at other QB's. So far Jake has been hurt quite a bit. (not that its all on him) but thats the reality of it so far.